When life is confusing and complicated, we want answers. That's why Back to the Bible launched The Hard Questions Real Answers Podcast with Pastor and Bible Teacher Nat Crawford.
Each week, Pastor Nat will interview thought leaders to discuss life's most pressing topics. Check back each week to see who Nat's interviewing and what topics they're discussing.

Episode 26 - How to Resist the Darkness with CEO Arnie Cole & Dr. Clay Jones - The Hard Questions Real Answers Podcast


Does evil exist? If so, what should Christians do about it?

Why don’t Christians take the Bible more seriously? What’s the solution?

All of this and more with our special guests, CEO of Back to the Bible, Arnie Cole & author and professor, Dr. Clay Jones.

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19 days ago
The seaker friendly movement is a huge reason why many churches have moved away from the whole Truth! I was in a church and the pastor always said, "every head bowed and all eyes closed." then he would go on to ask people to raise their hands if they wanted to accept Jesus as their Savior. He would then repeat the same prayer every week. I kept my eyes open on time when I was at the back of the church and not one hand was raised but he was saying, "God Bless you sir/madam I see your hand" and then the whole church would repeat the "sinners prayer". I know for a fact that the day I was Born Again that it happened before I said the "sinners prayer".
a year ago
God iGod, he never changes, I am glad he does not change?
2 years ago
Wow. I love your messages. They talk about the very issues that keep people from truly serving God.
2 years ago
Hi I really enjoyed this message I love to listen to a teaching like this because I believe everything you were talking about I need to know more what God's will is for me what scares me is that I may be somewhat blind to mi Christian walk thank you