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Episode 24 - Did the Resurrection Really Happen with Dr. Michael Licona - The Hard Questions Real Answers Podcast


Did Jesus physically rise from the dead? How can we besure?

Isn’t it a better explanation for the sightings of a risenJesus?

I mean, weren’t the disciples lying? Couldn’t they havebeen hallucinating?

All of this and more in today’s episode of the hard questions Real Answers Podcast from Back to the Bible. Today’s guest is author and associate professor of theology Dr. Michael Licona.

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a year ago
Do we have to change because the world had change, for my understanding the scriptuers God did not change us humans did in fact had sidetrack the Path?
a year ago
He appeared to over 500 people...not just to his disciples. As Dr. Licona states, ALL of the disciples were willing to suffer horrendously for their belief to the point of death. It is true that liars do not make good martyrs...and really...all of them? Plus, if hallucinations were the case - what about others that were not disciples? How would they have the same hallucination? Christ rose from the dead.