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Episode 001 - How should Christians respond to Covid-19 with Author Clay Jones - The Hard Questions Real Answers Podcast


COVID-19is still here. It’s been here for a while and depending on who you listen to it could be here for a lot longer. So, how should Christians respond to it?

How should Christians respond to non-believers’ responses?

How should we live in light of COVID-19?

And what happens should we suffer and die from COVID-19? All this and more on today’s show of Hard Questions / Real Answers with Pastor and bible Teacher Nat Crawford.

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a year ago
Outstanding podcast, so much to chew on! Thank you both for this challenging conversation. A year into Covid may have diminished some of the fear somewhat because what was completely unforeseeable at the outset has now become known but does not lessen the great need for truth and the discipline of studying God's word as we move forward.
2 years ago
I always pray tp God, talk to him, about it he took it and put his peace in me then there is quite peace, only God can give, ever since he is right there all the tine.