What do you do if you suffer from anxiety?

How should Christians respond to these mental illnesses?

Can you just pray it away?

What are some practical steps to overcome these battles?

All of this and more with my special guest, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Biola University, Dr. J.P. Moreland.
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Thanks for sharing, Jeff. I'm sorry that you've battled that for so long! I do agree that many people are experiencing strongholds (spiritual battles) and the symptoms are depression and anxiety. And I've seen other cases where there is a chemical imbalance that right medicines seem to balance it out. I don't know if a "one size fits all" approach is best. But I am not a medical doctor or a licensed therapist. This is coming from a pastor who's seen family members battle it. God bless! Thank you Jesus for your love and sacrifice.
Suffered with anxiety and depression for 19 years medicine i dont think its the way God wants us to treat the problem because if you realize the effects on your body from the medicines and what other damages these medicines do it may help with one thing but causes 3 or 4 other problems then it becomes more medicine and then more problems .. I learned that most of my problems were because I was sinning and it opened the doors to whom I was serving at the time God is a jealous God and if your not focusing on him and your breaking his laws there is long suffering we wasn't put here to serve are selves and to do what we want ..Jesus paid a huge price for us all .. <><
I think Dr. Moreland would say that you can work through it. He mentioned different steps to do this. Some fully recover, while others will experience symptoms their whole life. I've seen both sides in my family. I pray God's mercy and grace will be present in your life as you work through this.
I suffer from this as well as many others can I spiritually get past it
This is really needed today.
You're welcome, Barb. Yes, these battles do tend to carry down the bloodlines. They can be managed as you heard. I hope Moreland's book will help you and your extended family in this difficult battle.
Thank you for this episode. Family members have and do suffer from anxiety and depression, which skipped my generation, but have shown up in my child and grandchildren. I will share this podcast with them and read Dr Moreland’s book.