The People Under The Bridge - Go Closer Podcast

The People Under The Bridge

People who live under a bridge are desperate for the essentials of life. That's something Reno Collier can relate to as a recovering alcoholic and born-again Christian.  Are your priorities centered on the true essentials of life?  (Next week's episodes air Mon, Tue, Wed)

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a year ago
a year ago
I was present with my mom when she was dying. It was an incredible experience. I was involved in new-age practices at the time. My mom was not conscious but just before she died, she opened her eyes, she was looking up at someone and trying to speak to them. Then she gave up her spirit. It was such an incredible thing to witness. It made me completely reevaluate my spiritual life. Like the prodigal son, I've returned to Christ. I am struggling at the moment though.
I'd appreciate prayers to be more disciplined in my prayer and devotional practice. I've been experiencing spiritual warfare during my sleep as well. There is a definite fight going on to pull me away from Christ.
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a year ago
May the God of grace and peace go before you and cover you understand his blood. God of heaven I pray you guard juliet heart and mind father remind her she is yours and you are fighting for her. Remind her heavenly father that she is fighting from a place of victory and not for victory as you have already overcome. Remind her Lord that you are for us and as such nothing and no one can be against us although they may try.
Bless her in Jesus name i pray and give thanks. AMEN
a year ago
This will me to get closer to God and Jesus closer than I was yesterday.