Getting Started… - Go Closer Podcast


Look around during any given church service. Five, ten years down the line, how many of these people will still be passionate about their faith? And how many will have fizzled? And what is it that makes the difference? 


Go Closer is a podcast that explores spiritual transformation and what it takes to go closer to God each day. Host Cara Whitney is a mom, wife, author and evangelist. She is joined by behaviorist, research scientist, and CEO of Back to the Bible Arnie Cole. Together, they dig into the stories of real believers discovering what it takes to follow God and discover His voice and leading in Scripture.


Go Closer. Real stories. Real people. Real transformation.

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10 months ago
Looking forward to the Pod casts
a year ago
This will be intresting to have as a equip with to get closer to Jesus and to God more on the presonal rekaionship.
a year ago
Good Morning all, I am in search of our mysterious God of all,. Knowing of God is a treasure I've been searching for years. I of 61 years have put my trust and soul into Christ' hands. Please I pray help in this man's Journey. Thank-you I pray God bless you.
1 reply
a year ago
Hi Ronald! We are praying with you to grow closer to God today!