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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It was definitely not something that I was comfortable doing." Erin Kottich reveals that one sure way to spiritual growth is to get out of your comfort zone! Arnie and Cara talk about ways we can all get out of our comfort zones. (Next week's episodes air Mon, Tue, Wed)

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a year ago
This message is very inprerational, thak you for lretting me to hear this.
a year ago
a year ago
Love to hear Folks share there Faith and trust in the LORD, we really see & hear HIS Great Hand that leads & guides us every day. This is the Blessed Hope we will have one day. GOD Bless you&keep you& your Family
a year ago
When you are faced with a serious spiritual battle, no one will teach you how to pray. It happens normally if you actually have faith in Jesus.