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A Lonely Kid

What do you do when your dad leaves, your mom has to work 3 jobs, and you're left alone as a middle-schooler to deal with life? Arnie and Cara talk with Bryce Tyler who shares his story: A lonely kid transformed into a child known and loved by God. (Airing this week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.)

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a year ago
A loney kid, ys a story that need to be told and what lessun of point of point to be taken/
a year ago
a year ago
I can identify with Bryce in relation to the loneliness in high school. I was the weird Christian kid (Pentecostal to boot) that they saw as no fun because parties weren’t my thing. My closest friends were the kids in the special ed program cuz they were also outcasts. So this discussion is fascinating to me. Hearing another person’s experience.