Welcome to a weekly journey to combat our fear and embrace faith in God.

We are all facing trials of various kinds. Whether its turbulence in your retirement account, a scary health diagnosis, the spread of viruses, job loss, or some other scary situation, God knows we will have to choose fear or faith. God wants us to embrace faith and reject fear. But how? Subscribe below and we'll show you over the next 30 days.

Day 8 - The Heavy Heart - Fear vs. Faith


Text in Context: 
Read Psalm 94.

Reflect: What is the psalmist’s chief complaint? What is the psalmist’s warning? How is God addressed in the psalm?

Respond: When do you feel freer to come to God? Is it when you’re happy? Sad? Angry? Something else? Why? When has God come to your rescue? How did this impact your view of God?

Prayer: Father, thank you for being open to my every thought and feeling. Help me turn to you in all circumstances. Amen.

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