Welcome to a weekly journey to combat our fear and embrace faith in God.

We are all facing trials of various kinds. Whether its turbulence in your retirement account, a scary health diagnosis, the spread of viruses, job loss, or some other scary situation, God knows we will have to choose fear or faith. God wants us to embrace faith and reject fear. But how? Subscribe below and we'll show you over the next 30 days.

Day 6 - God's Gift - Fear vs. Faith


Text in Context:
 Read 2 Timothy 1.

Reflect: Paul was writing Timothy because of external pressures. Why is Timothy reminded of his mother’s and grandmother's faith and of the spirit God provides? How does a person fan the flames of their faith?

Respond: How can you display a spirit of boldness? Of love? Of self-control? What will that show others about your faith?

Prayer: Father, thank you for providing exactly what I need to endure my trial. Help me not fear, but instead show the spirit of power because of who you are. Amen.

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