Welcome to a weekly journey to combat our fear and embrace faith in God.

We are all facing trials of various kinds. Whether its turbulence in your retirement account, a scary health diagnosis, the spread of viruses, job loss, or some other scary situation, God knows we will have to choose fear or faith. God wants us to embrace faith and reject fear. But how? Subscribe below and we'll show you over the next 30 days.

Day 3 - Worry is a Thief - Fear vs. Faith


Text in Context:
Read Matthew 6:25-34

Reflect: What impact does your focus impact your life? What’s the relationship between trust in God and our planning? How does God’s control affect your view of problems?

Respond: How do you know when you are worrying? How do you know when you are trusting God? What will you do to trust God and not fear?

Prayer: Father, thank you for reminding me of your care for all your creation, but especially me. Help me to find the balance between action and trust. I don’t want to fear, so help me trust today.

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a year ago
When I focus too much on planning my day I don't allow for the possibility of God's blessings to enrich my life. Lord order my steps daily.