Welcome to a weekly journey to combat our fear and embrace faith in God.

We are all facing trials of various kinds. Whether its turbulence in your retirement account, a scary health diagnosis, the spread of viruses, job loss, or some other scary situation, God knows we will have to choose fear or faith. God wants us to embrace faith and reject fear. But how? Subscribe below and we'll show you over the next 30 days.

Day 11 - E + R = O - Fear vs. Faith


Text in Context:
 Read James 1:1-18

Reflect: How does James view trials? Is he dismissive or realistic? Why? How does our response correspond to our relationship with God?

Respond: What trial are you going through? What was your initial response? How does knowing there is purpose and source of wisdom to navigate it help you?

Prayer: Father, you know my honest feelings about my trials. And I know with your help I can use it to my benefit. Help me see how. Help me to respond with faith and wisdom. Amen.

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8 months ago
It's all how you react the sets the tone of how things will work out!!
1 reply
8 months ago
Exactly! Curios if you have a success story to share?
a year ago
Every day is a celebration, The reason is it brings new things to deal with and helps us to grow and to trust in our Heavenly Father!!!!