We are thrilled you are joining us and many others on a weekly journey to combat our fear and embrace faith in God.

We are all facing trials of various kinds. Whether its turbulence in your retirement account, a scary health diagnosis, the spread of viruses, job loss, or some other scary situation, God knows we will have to choose fear or faith. God wants us to embrace faith and reject fear. But how? We'll show you over the next 30 days.

What to expect.
Each week we'll provide a 1-2 minute video that talks about real battles with fear, colorful stories, and, of course, God's Word. Included each week is the text in context with Bible reading. Then you will have a chance to both reflect and respond to the video and the text.

We at Back to the Bible want to move you closer to Jesus today than you were yesterday. We believe that "Faith vs. Fear" will do just that.

Before you begin.
Be honest with yourself and God about your fears, worries, and doubts. God sees it all, and He knows your heart. No problem is too big for God to handle. So come prepared to interact with your fears and strengthen your faith through God's Word.

Each week share your comments below. We'd also love to interact with you.

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So looking forward in this devo
Sister or brother let me say this if You Love, accept The Lord Jesus Christ into your heart. Nothing can ever take or separate His True Love for You! We are all sinners, it is in that sin we must confess and give it to Jesus for He already knows those sins. Hold steadfast to His Promises to never forsaken nor leave You. Not at any time that pain you feel, feel it know that Jesus is feeling it with you as He holds You in His Loving forgiving arms. We will all one day go Home but that is up to Jesus when we do, not before. We will see our love ones again I believe this with all my heart. There will be a New Heaven and Earth one day. Untill that time we are here for You! Prior to us God is with you pick up His Only Holly Love story to His children, there you will find fear will never get you down for God's wrath will destroy that fear on His Will. Stand tall head up hands up and tell the Lord everything then surrender it all to Him. Praise His Holly Mighty name. May God Bless You and Keep You Always.
I'm excited to start this plan!
I’m excited to dive into this Plan, which will shake my foundation. Amen.
New Beginning ~ Praise the Lord ...!!!
Please help me meet the one I love in Heaven after a lifetime of sinning. I see different now. I constantly try to refocus my mind on everything that matters that Jesus especially has been trying to tell me but I still don’t feel like I’ll accepted into Heaven. I want to go home soon to be those I love and those I don’t even know if are there watching me. Could you help please
I totally agree to walk with Jesús in a real and sincere way, connected directly to his heart. I Lay my thoughts of fears, uncertainty, angers and complaints at his feet and i take up my Journey with fortitude.
One more tool to have on board so that I can grow closer to my Heavenly Father!!!! Thank you
I’m looking forward to this new bible plan!
I look forward to the videos.
Well said and amen !