Using Your Gifts


Air Date: 4/10/21 - God gifts His children with all they need to fulfill their unique purpose in life. So, what are your gifts? Today Pastor Nat encourages you to embrace them, and put them to use for God and the people around you!

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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I thank God for the Spirit especially with all the negativity going on
Joey, I'm glad you enjoyed a laugh today!! 😀 I hope you are doing okay. My prayers are always with this (Back to the Bible) Family we ARE creating here!! Thank you Pastor Nat!!!!!! 🙏😇💕😇🙏
Love it!!!! Yay!!!!!! 🙏😇💕😇🙏
Carol, I love what you wrote. I feel like it too came from my heart as well!! Bless you and have a wonderful day!! 💕😇🙏😇💕
Thank you God for the Holy Spirit.
Pastor Nat I needed to laugh today Thank you for that Blessing of doing just that. The gift of Joy shared with each of us. Pastor Nat I promise when musicals get cancelled it's not one person it's those who think they are judges which they are not. Keep on singing for The Love of God as We are to dance, sing heads up hands up. Though you think it's not great God does and it does lift others when we do so for God. Father I Pray You will Refresh Renew Store Your Holly Spirit with us Strong in You to teach us to help us in You and Pray for us to You. Father Please Bless and give us Your Joy down in our hearts new for Your that Joy we need. Thank You I Praise God for whom all Blessings fall for The Wonders of His Love. Thank God for The Blessings of Jesus Christ Your son who gave us life back through The Father Son and Holly Spirit as One. I Thank You Father for arms wide open to wrapped us in You OH Lord Resting on Your Shoulders leaning into only You. Father You never fail us we Praise you for never leaving us but lifting us into Your Amazing Grace new. I'm let go Father giving surrendering all to You in Jesus name Amen And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.” Exodus 33:14 (KJV)
Amen !Thank you Lord Jesus for the teaching on the Holy Spirit. Yes Holy Spirit is my teacher, comforter, healer, my guide and my strength . Thank you Pastor Nat for your encouraging words daily through 'Win the Day' podcast.
Amen, I love my sprit of God.
The Holy Spirit is my Helper. He is the 3rd person of the Trinity. He leads, directs, and guides my path into all these of God. He is my peace and He comforts me. I thank God for such a wonderful teacher, who reminds me of who I am in Christ. I thank my Lord and Savior for sending Him to help me grow more like Him. Thanks Pastor Nat for your encouraging words everyday.
Blessing to you pastor nat for your daily inspirations, because lord knows i need them at times to focus more on christ them stray into temptations, i have acquired a stronger taste of being more patient, understanting words and my respond to a comment or something negative towards myself.
I’m in awe and stand amazed that The Living God would give me the Same power of the Holy Spirit that raised Christ from the dead! The Holy Spirit indwells those who believe and have accepted Jesus as Lord- in this world we live in I pray HE will empower us to go forth and make disciples- use our giftings from Him to glorify God and the body of Christ. Thank you for this daily encouragement - it helps spur me on!
I learned that the Holy Spirit is so many things: a Helper, a Teacher, a Guide, a Friend, a Loving Part of ourselves. I learned that he has a personality and is just waiting for us to get to know him better. He's an exciting part of the Trinity!!!! 🙏💕🙏💕🙏
The Holy Spirit have giving me a lil more patience amen
The Holy Spirit prevents me from sinning but when I slip up it uses the help of an Angel to keep me in check sometimes. Hahahaha I also love to sing and can’t but I do because I think I sound so good. It still cheers people up around me and I keep it short. Thank you Lord for the extra nudge when needed. In Jesus name Amen
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
The Holy Spirit is amazing it always guides me in the correct direction with god. The Holy Spirit always allows me to know that god is with me at all times. I love the Holy Spirit
I've learnt that the Holy Spirit Is always helping me to become more like God.
In this world of unruly celebrated poor behavior it is extremely difficult to show the fruits of the spirit. This world is very ungodly and unbelieving.
In a world we live in today, we need God's gifts to help others get through this, including ourselves!!