Zechariah – Be Ready - Win the Day


Zechariah – Be Ready


Air Date: 6/14/22 - What motivates you to live well? What motivates you to succeed in life? What should motivate you? Join Pastor Nat as he studies the Book of Zechariah to live each day intentionally.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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2 months ago
Amen and amen thank you our God for all his goodness and mercy and thank you our pastor nat amen
2 months ago
LORD ADONAI, I pray that You please tell me me who is a friend that I can invite each day for a morning coffee and conversation about You🙏🏽
2 months ago
I am looking forward to the Lord's Return! I just hope and pray that all believers will be ready!!!!
2 months ago
Oh yes!!! Especially to those we love...our words tear down, or build up, encourage or discourage. Words are powerful . God Almighty, ....s p o k e the world, the universe into existence...all of it. Satan can't read our minds, but when he hears the Word, he has to flee! Wives...look into your husbands,your kids eyes, and thank them, when you are blessed for whatever they did to help. Verbal, sincere, in love, w o r d s.... that husband especially, will slay giants for you.
Grown men, are like little boys, and never outgrow, the love given ,sincerely from those they love.
2 months ago
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