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You’re No Stranger 

Air Date: 1/20/21 - Feel like an outsider in your workplace or neighborhood? Pastor Nat has some encouragement for you from the Bible:  As a Christ follower, you are no longer a stranger. You are a member of His family and a holy temple for the Lord! Discover the connections that wait for you.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Joey and Pastor Nat, we aren't planning to move to Europe, rather we will be moving to Panama, up close to the Costa Rican border. We have been there many times and love it. The people are such a beautiful people. NOTE: My husband was born and raised in Guatemala and I have lived in the Dominican Republic for a while, so this is not a new concept, thankfully. We have been planning early retirement for quite a while now, and if needed, I can work remote from there with my current position at work. Hopefully that is not needed though. Bottom line is I think God has other plans for us other than to fully "retire"; we will retire from our professional careers, but not from opportunities that He seems to be providing us. We are carefully evaluating and praying about those. Really appreciate your words of encouragement and prayers. Maybe someday we will meet or talk. And, there is no way I am giving up Back to the Bible!!!!!!! I love it. Stay true!
Yes! How will you reach out to them or how are you doing that already?
Sabina, I am praying for your marriage. I do not know the circumstances, but I promise you if God can turn our marriage around many years ago, He can do the same and more for your marriage today. Praying for you and your family!
Thanks for the heads up, Joey. The Team is looking into this for you!
Thank you
Deborah sounds like the Lord has truly Blessed You your family. Fear not for He will continue to Bless and lead you to His Will, Way, Path, and Perfect timing. Things will be different in Europe but God will be The same! Hold on to His Promises and you can not go wrong. Trust that God will place you just where your family is to be. That as well means finding a church that with open arms will welcome your family in. Just remember the support you receive here will still be here for you, your family daily. Not just untill you find a church but after as well. Father I Pray you would take away any doubt, fear that Deborah her family are having about this move. Please remind her Father it is You who continues to lead them on this journey you have Blessed them with. Please Lord strengthen their Faith, Hope, Trust in You to know You already have everything thing laid out for them. All they need to do is keep turning to You for their every need as You alone provide their every need. Please Father give them Your wisdom to know everything will be fine knowing their following as You lead them hand in hand. Please Lord keep them wrapped in your Love, Light, Hope Faith, Strength, Trust, Ways and Believing You have Got this! In Jesus Mighty Powerful Name Amen
Sabina I am not Pasty Nat but I will with Love Pray for You. Heavenly Father I come here now to Praise You and Thank You for being our everything. Father your child Sabina is calling out for your guidance, the help Lord only You can give. Father I know not what is going on with her marriage but you do. Oh Lord I ask and Pray You will Bless and give your child the help she seems only from You Father. I Pray you would remind her she's not alone You Oh Mighty Lord are with her. Right there in her marriage, help her please Father to see what You want her to see. Please Lord if it is Your Will please renew, restore her relationship with You first and between her and her spouse. Father grant them the strength to let go surrendering it all to You, trusting you are already working within her and her marriage. Father please Bless her spouse to as well turn to You lean on you and seek Your true guidance to restore them as one in You and each other. Please Bless them with your wisdom to know together with You they can do all things including this storm. Father whatever Thy Will be please strengthen their hearts in You. Thank You Father for we know that there is power in Prayer and even more power in Faith Filled numbers of Prayer. In Your Gracious Blessed name Jesus Amen
Pastor Nat I have a question may seem silly but I noticed that your Win The day I as well get in another email. I am Thankful but would rather receive your Win The Day than both emails. How can I correct or change this? Thank You Pastor Nat for doing what God put you hear to do "matter"! In teaching God's Truth. Heavenly Father I Praise You for Loving us first. Though we did nothing to deserve your Love You chose us anyway. Lord because You Live we Live in You as you Live in we Your children. Father a Love unconditional that we didn't deserve till the day You Jesus gave Your Live to give us life back in You alone! Making us "one" in you and each other, a family like no other. Father I came to Glorify Your name lifting Up my hands to You Oh Lord my God. I Praise You for knowing us before You Father Blessed us with Life in You only. For knowing I, we matter you have a purpose for each of us. Till the day You call me "home" I will Rise for You Jesus to Uplift and Inspire all other in You. Then bow only to You living as "one" in The only Family that is truly a Family. I Praise Your Holly Name and Thank You My one True Chief Commander in Control, My Alpha, Omega, Beginning, First and Last, The Way, Truth, Life and only Light, My one True Teacher, Redeemer, Savior, King, God, Foundation, Father, Master, in Jesus Mighty name Amen
Pastor net please prayer for my marriage
God had put us right where are most needed at the time for fellowship with neighbors..
Will do, Debra. That an exciting move. Where do you hope to go in Europe. Finding a church is incredibly different. Continue to join us here as we want to be that community between Sundays. I look forward to interacting more in the future!
Pastor Nat, I'm praying for you and your family to develop strong relationships in your new community. To mingle with friends and neighbors, my husband and I enjoy chatting on the porch, barbecuing and playing yard games out back, having soup and board games during the winter, watching inspirational movies, and setting up a canopy in a park where we talk about God's Word, pray, and give away books with anyone interested. We haven't been able to participate in some activities during the pandemic but look forward to safer times.
This was uplifting in light of our circumstances. We are in process of putting our house up for sale. We will be moving temporarily until we can ultimately move internationally (2 years or less is the plan). The international move is expected to be permanent. Please pray that we will find a church that will accommodate us for the remainder of our time in the US. Thanks.
Definitely the backyard barbecue And fellowship Read Bible n the deck Listen to the birds Loo at the flowers
May God hug those who feel alone and say I love you and you belong to Me!!
What's your favorite activity to do with a group of people or just a close friend or neighbor? I like to BBQ and play yard games. We are new to our neighborhood, so this is on my to-do list in 2021!
Carolyn - thank you for sharing this with us! You are not alone in feeling this way. I am praying that you will feel God's strength & peace and that you feel his presence each day!
Praying for you today Carolyn. I've felt this way a times as well. May you be blessed by God's presence and the presence and closeness of another brother or sister in Christ.
Carolyn, you may find that a lot of people feel as you do. When you notice a person who may seem to need a friend , ask them . Or tell them you’d like to be that friend. Who knows, you may find you really do fit in .. De Cloris Charlie. YBIC
I do feel so alone. And it hurts. Always the outsider. Pretending to fit in. This actually made me want to cry...... I guess I'll try to see how this is God's plan for me.
Connect with the body of Christ
Thank you pastor
Thank you for always starting my day out with the God of my life.
Thank you pastor Nat. I needed to hear this today. God bless