Your Past Doesn’t Determine Your Future - Part 2

Air Date: 5/22/20 - From hopeless sinner to hope-filled saint -- that was the case with Rahab, but as Pastor Nat Crawford explains, no one’s past dictates their future! Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney join Pastor Nat for encouraging discussion on this topic.

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I am Christian by faith and by hope in Christ Jesus our Lord.
/god can make a difference in people lives, to benefit for his popuse of his glory.
Thank you I learned a lot you guys are my heroes
Thank you, I needed to hear this today and be reminded of God's awesomeness! I struggle at times in this area and I am asking for prayers.
I have learned that when I am faithless God is faithful! I have been praying about a matter for some time now, and God answered the prayer this week. To God be all the glory!!! During the time of waiting I struggled at times in my faith, even though I knew God's faithfulness before. The enemy came in like a flood with doubts and fears. God kept reminding me where 'He brought me from and where I could have been'. He remained faithful to me in my time of waiting! Please pray for me in my walk with God and for me to trust Him more each day. Thanks you for your encouragement and prayet!
It truly That's really hard, I face this on a daily basis, That's when I try to ask the Lord to help me. It's not easy But I know where my Strength comes from. Praise the Lord at all times
Pastor Nat here! Happy Friday! What's one thing you learned this past week?
Wow. Thank you for sharing those moments of God's hand in your life. You've had some big challenges, but God is and will always be bigger!
I remember one time. I was not able to find a job. My husband abandoned me and my son. I did the best I could. God helped me so much. He helped me find training and get a job. My ex had to pay my utility bills til I could find a job. I did not want a divorce but I had no choice. There were times I didn't have money to meet our needs but God came through. I remember one time I needed $20.00 . In my mail box there was exactly 20 dollars in my mail box. No address on the envelope. It was blank. What a great God we serve. That was over 20 yrs ago. God is wonderful.