Your Calling in Life - Win the Day

Your Calling in Life

Air Date: 1/26/21 - Every Christ-follower has a calling and a purpose of incredible importance.  Learn about God’s ultimate plan and how it sets the foundation for you to glorify Him in all you do. Pastor Nat helps you win the day with this message from Ephesians 3. 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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One of the hardest things in ministry is finding your voice. That's a balancing act of embracing God's Word, enjoying those who influence you, and finding your style based on your audience and your personality. That humor is part of my voice. :) Thank you for the encouragement and for always contributing to our conversation is a meaningful way.
It is, but it is so hard in this world. So let's keep encouraging each other to live for the things that matter!
Thank you, Carolyn. I feel greatly encouraged. We are talking a lot (as a team) about spiritual formation and the importance of our spiritual disciplines. We do them out of love for God instead of earning His love. We do it as the outflow of our new nature, not to earn that new nature. That sounds where you are coming from. You are disciplined in your relationship with God...that's a good thing! Keep reaching out as we grow together in Christ!
That they are and they are getting worse, but God is unchangeable and faithful. Let's focus on Him!
Johny, I'm glad. Feel free to post any other questions that you have. I'd love to work through them with you.
Thank you Joey for your discipleship in the Lord to Carolyn. It is always our faith in Jesus Christ that wins the day and eternal rewards. Bob
That really answered alot of my questions
Carolyn I know you say your "Catholic" but I say to you this, Catholic is a religion as there are many. I see as in this way I do not worship religion, I accepted The Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior, Batized in His Precious name and Blood. This allowing me to be a Christian, one who has accepted The Lord Jesus Christ, who lives to build a life through and for Him alone. For being a Christian again means that I am a child of God and religions as many as there are does not make any of them being a Christian. I am here to serve The Lord not religion I guess again is what I'm trying to say. May God Bless You and Keep You and your family always in Jesus Christ name I Pray Amen.
Thank You Pastor Nat for adding humor to your Win The Day! Our Purpose is "Salvation" through accepting, through God's Truth, Mercy's and Grace, Wisdom, Strength, to do all that we do with The Love of Jesus. To pay it forward in every way each and every new day. Knowing that when we trip, stumble, God's Grace is there to catch us. To always Uplift and never tear down. To just listen then respond with The Love of Christ. Father, with each new day I Praise and Bless Your Holly Name, knowing that all I do, I try my best to do it for and with Your Love. Thankful that Your hand is in mine leading the way to Your Will only. Lord I thank You for the knowing that I do not have to be perfect for only "One" is Perfect and that is You alone Jesus. Father forgive me for the times I "do" trip or stumble as I'm so Blessed to know You are alive in me to remind me I am your no matter what as I surrender all to You! Remind Please Lord that in truth we are "one" through You Father with each other. One big Family of all different shapes, sizes, colors, cultures,and speaking different languages. Yet still Lord Your name in any language is True Love. That I am forgiven because You first Loved and chose me. How Glorious You are in every way for again Your Mercy's and Grace are new every morning. I turn to You knowing as I pray and ask that You Smile down upon us today and tomorrow for generation to generations. I rise for You alone Father and through this journey of Love, storms, faults I will still rise and Bless Your Holly Name unashamed! I Love You Lord and need You every new second You breath life into me through You alone. I rise and surrender all to You in Jesus name Amen
Amen! All the glory
Thank you for reminding me that my only purpose in life is to glorify God and exalt Him wherever, whatever always
Pastor Nat. The more I listen to these 5 minute talks... the more I love them. They just go hand in hand with all the other daily resources I get through (Go Tandum). You are so encouraging.... and a 5 minute clip i can listen to and embrace. As a Catholic, sometimes I feel outside of the "Christan Faith". .. like my religion is too hung up on rituals. But that is one thing I LOVE about being Catholic. The deep rituals...... Glorifying God is what it's all about I love you Pastor Nat. You just make things so simple!!! Peace to you!!!
A great encouragement Pastor Nat I need this as of the days are evil.
Just what I needed to hear today. Lost my purpose when I lost my job due to the virus. But your message today gave me a purpose.
Enjoy this program so much !!
Oh so true! We do good works not for the accolades of men, but for the glory of God. Easy to say. Hard to do!
With Christ, there is real hope in recovery and redemption. Amazing to see what God can do when we let him. "Let Go. Let God." I'll be praying for your continued recovery!
I am praying for open hearts and open doors. Remember, we are to scatter seed and water. God does the rest. That brings me great hope and peace in a time of uncertainty!
There is Genius in Simplicity. Soli Deo Gloria! All else falls in line. Thank you for reminding me....
Thank you pastor Nat. This was a really personal message to me. Sometimes we are looking for someone to tell us "great job today" but our main focus should be on how to glorify His Holy Name. "In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."
Thanks Pastor Nat for today's encouragement "on my calling in life". I love to talk and encourage others in the Lord when facing challenges. I am more comfortable doing this "one on one, or in small groups. The Lord has done so many miracles in my life, that I would want to "shout" and let everyone know of His good and unfailing love, and come to know Him as Lord and Saviour of their lives! Pastor Nat, the struggle is doing this in a "larger group"! This is where the enemy attacks": Are you eloquent enough? Getting "tongue tied", nervousness, etc. I want to be obedient to God's instructions, and one of my "go to" verse that keeps me grounded is: "I can do all things through Chrst Jesus" who strengthens me". Please pray for me to overcome this obstacle. Thank you!
Pastor Nat, I’m struggling so hard in getting back to serving God like I know He wants. I stopped singing in church a few years ago. I was listening to satan and just completely stopped singing. I now have a terrible fear of getting up in front of people. I really need prayers. I enjoy your podcast. They bring encouragement. Thank you.
Great message. I am personally on the road to recovering from a drug addiction and that message hit me pretty good. I know I'm a better person than the one I was and feel positive about moving in the right direction and allowing Christ to enter my life even more so. So keep up the good work
I have been sharing God with my family, Granddaughter to be exact. The world/satan has her in it's clutches and won't let go. I believe in my heart God has a plan for her and I believe he will supply my words to her and the results will bring Him glory. Please join me in prayer for all of our list loved ones. Thanks...Father God for supplying the words that will someday bring our love ones home. Amen
Happy Tuesday! I'd love to chat with you today! Where do you excel in following Christ? Where do you struggle? I'd love to encourage you and pray for you today.
Thank you Pastor Nat. Lesson for our daily living.
Thank you for this Pastor Nat. God’s will is not finding a needle in a haystack but His will and glory is the haystack.
Lord, there but for your grace goes I. Amen.
Thank you for this today, just what I needed to hear!!
Thank you for the clear explanation of our purpose, Pastor Nat. Blessings to you and your family as you fulfill your purpose!
Amen Lord. Glory to GOD in JESUS name.
Super points and scripture. Praise God