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You Can’t Thrive Alone  

Air Date: 3/12/21 - You can live alone, but you can’t thrive alone.  Today Pastor Nat shines light on the fact that God desires relationship, and he created you for the same.  How can you foster relationships and community in your life?


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Hey Phyllis! Great to meet you! Being near family is very important! Enjoy the warmth in Texas! Great state!
Wow! Fiji! How cool! I'm glad you're here. How'd you hear about Back to the Bible and GoTandem?
Happy Monday! Glad you are here! Thank you for introducing yourself!
Hey Daniel. The battle with the flesh is real! Thankfully, God never gives up on His children. I am glad you are here and part of the GT family! And, btw, Chicago is one of my favorite places to visit. What's the best Chicago pizza???
Hey Johny! I hope your weekend was refreshing! I am thankful for God's grace and mercy. He not only saves us, but helps, as you said, keeps us on track daily. Great to meet you and glad you're part of our community!
Hello Pastor Nat my name is Phylls B. I currently live in Indianapolis, IN but am relocating to DeSoto, TX to live with my daughter and her family. I love GoTandem and Back to the Bible
Hi my name is Bwebwe Wiriam. I am from Fiji.
Shane thank you so much for the wonderful message you left me. It really touched my heart. I'm so glad that you're doing well. Have a great weekend and thanks again.
Hello. I agree with Shane. I mess up a lot too...our God is full of love and mercy. That's what keeps me going at times. Glad you are part of this family!
Hello pastor Nat my is marlyne from Philadelphia
Thank you for sharing. I feel encouraged by your story. I mess up a lot, too. I am understanding more and more that Jesus loves us despite our failures. I am glad you are part of the family.
Hello Pastor Nat my name is Daniel from the Chicago area.I've been a Christian since 2006 soon after that I made a series of major mistakes and ending about a year ago After I survived an accident .I thank The Lord Jesus Christ for Back to the Bible. Amen
Hi my name is johny I'm from manitoba Canada I'm 18, I've been a Christian my whole life but it wasn't up till about a year and half ago that I really started to focus on God. It was one night that God had opened my eyes to the wrong I had done and who I all hurt and it all hit me like a flood I was overwhelmed and I went home and prayed and I haven't stopped since then, I still mess up alot but God keeps me on track this app helps out so much and Im on it every day, thank you so much pastor nat
God has created human being for the purpose together for each other.
Hi, Rose! I want to thank you for all your prayers through the GoTandem app you've prayed for me this past year. You are a faithful servant of Jesus. I can testify that He has listened to you and the other prayer warriors on this app. I hope He introduces me to you in Heaven so I can give you a brotherly hug.
Truly my pleasure and all for gods glory. Roger keep walking with Him. No better way to win the day.
Hey Rose. Many hurting people out there. Many hurting people right within our family reach. I am praying for her and celebrating your faithfulness. Have a great weekend.
Genesis: 1-25-27 Kjv/NKJV 26 Then God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth." 27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 Two are better than one, Because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls, For he has no one to help him up. Again, if two lie down together, they will keep warm; But how can one be warm alone? Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken. Thank You Pastor Nat it's clear your coaching through The Grace of God is reaching internationally, Amen! Heavenly Father I Praise You to know Love begins with You. For You Loved us first showing we Your children telling Love is the strongest of all things. Father sometimes we forget that we are to lead with Love in all we do. I Praise and Thank You that we are in FL as well and wonderful historical neighborhood. Where You are always Present because all our street from back to front get together having cookouts, talking, sharing. I Thank that we do Lord to give me others the chance to open others to You Father. Though the last year was a true storm knowing You were leading us we still were able to see each other on our front porches and to a open call face to face with each other. Father this beautiful "Spirit" You given us in life through You tells us we are not to put the world first but You! In that Lord to find true Love with another and Love in true friendships. To remember we are "One" Family" that You head. Father Thank You for Pastor Nat his family and the Grace and leadership You instill in Pastor Nat to reach through not only this country but every nation. Please Bless us to always lean into You Lord and remember to always Uplift for a Smile could just save a life Blessed by You. Thank You Lord for Your Faithfulness, in Jesus name Amen
Hello I'm Rose from West Virginia. Thank you for a great message. Connected with it with my sister today. She is going through a divorce and I want her to know that I am here for her.
Pastor Nat, you all feel free to stop by our place for a chat.
Pastor Nat, I am watching you daily and really appreciate you. I watch your broadcasts whilst at work and it a wonderful lift because you stir me to think more deeply about how one should live and that I have to improve. Thank you for your leadership. Roger
Hello Wayne! I've wanted to spend more time in Canada. I only spent a short while in a border town by Detroit. I have friends throughout the country. I'll add you to the list! Thank you for sharing your conversion! It's amazing (but not surprising) how much we grow by intentionally mining Scripture for all its wealth! God bless!
Southern Florida!?! Paradise! My wife and I will be down there next month! That is so great you open up your home and use it as a gathering place! Some of the best outreach happens that way. Thankyou for being here and being so intentional with your relationships and time!
Hi, Shondell. We are blessed to connect with family and friends despite the distance. Now we can connect with new acquaintances because of gotandem!
Shane, I'm praying with you.
Hello from Wayne Baker in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior in December 1982. It was the best decision I ever made. Since then, I have grown in my faith and my relationship with the Lord. I have read the entire Bible every year for a few decades now in several English-language translations. It is something that I intend to keep doing for the rest of my life to continue to grow in my faith and be pleasing to God.
Good afternoon from warm sunny South Florida! I love to connect with people. Yesterday I was given a contact and I immediately reached out to them. Today I had an email from them. We are going to meet up with them for coffee. Just from the email exchange, it is cool to see how much we have in common. We have maintained friends that we met by selling stuff on OfferUp or LetGo. We are known to be the "party house" in our cul-de-sac. We have some of the best neighbors in the world. We lean toward being extroverts and really enjoy meeting people and sharing together. And doing so over a cup of coffee just makes it even better! Appreciated this teaching.
Good to meet you! I haven't been to NM in years. I spent time in Taos, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe. Beautiful down there! thank you for sharing your awesome response to "how are you?" I may have to steal it. I often say, "Better than I deserve" or "Outstanding, but I'm getting better!" People don't know what to say! lol. Stay in touch!
Wow, Bonnie! How cool! Your roots do run deep with BttB! Mine don't go nearly that far back, but Epp has had a major impact on my life with founding my children's school, the church I pastored, and here at BttB. Thank you for serving others faithfully! God bless!
For personal study, I use the NASB and ESV. I often preach from these as well. For the WtD program, I used the New Living Translation (NLT). It's very readable.
Greetings to ALL you Lovies! I'm Randa from New Mexico. I am BLESSED, HIGHLY FAVORED and DEEPLY LOVED!!! I am a daughter of the KING of KINGS. When someone asks me "how are You"....I don't say fine.....I say "BLESSED, HIGHLY FAVORED and DEEPLY LOVED" That response shocks individuals...I LOVE seeing the many facial expressions I get. I LOVE it more when they ask "What did you say", and I get to tell them again. I LOVE the freedom I have , "IN JESUS" FREE INDEED!!!!!
Thank you for your devotionals. I go way back to Back to the Bible over 50 plus years. I am over 80 and blessed to be very active in community. Today will be filling grocery bags to distribute to senior citizens in our area. My son is my pastor and it is an outreach of our church. God is so good, Psalms 71:18-19.
God bless you Nick and the entire Gotandem Family Ruth Hinds
What version of the Bible do you use - it seems to read so clearly...I would like to use the same...
Wow, Barb. Thank you for sharing. It sounds like you've had a life full of experiences...both trials and triumphs. What kind of administrator were you? How did God use that leadership experience to shape you? I'm thankful you are here!
Thanks for sharing and for serving our country! It sounds like we've had a similar walk in our relationship with God. I too had one of those "walls" in my 20s. It was God's grace to let me hit it! Thanks for being here, Shirley!
Hey Shondell! Thanks for sharing! My wife and I will be married 18 years this month. It is amazing how quickly time goes by. Watching our kids grow is a reminder who quickly time moves. Each moment...each relationship is precious. Thank you for being here and sharing!
Thanks for sharing, Shane! I'm glad you're back connecting with a local body. I'm also glad you're part of our body here on GT. I'll pray for your heart and your desire. God bless!
Hey Pastor Bob. My grandfather was "Mr. B Bob Sikyta." So you have a strong name! I'm glad you reinforced the idea of engaging and re-engaging relationships. I think people wander from relationships feeling they can't go back. It is true when abuse or unique damage has occurred, returning to relationships may not be possible or best, but for normal relationships, it's often welcomed. Thank you for being here and sharing!
Amen. Pastor Nat thank you for your daily inspiraton on being a follower of christ our savior who is our salvation.
Hey Deborah! That's my mother's name. I'm glad you're here. 33 years in childcare! I love doing chapel at my kids' school, but I would not be a good childcare provider! What brought you to that career?
Hey Carolyn! I'll have to check on Who knows, maybe we are related!?! I'm glad you're here and glad you shared with us. You are a valued sister in Christ here and in your church. My best friend (outside of my wife) is single and has two "good" friends as well. I think God uniquely designs us for relationships. They often look different and they should. I'm praying for the Spirit's direction to be made clear! Amen!
Thanks, Andre. If time allows, share more about you and your story. I'd love to hear more!
Hey Shirley! I'm glad you're here! If you have time, I'd love to hear more about you and your background!
Praying for you and for wisdom! Shots are no fun, but they really do work!
Hey Clyde. Thanks for sharing more about your background. I've never been to New York, but hope to see it in the future! It sounds like you've had meaningful experiences serving and protecting. Thank you for doing that. I'm glad you're part of the family!
Hey Maureen! Thank you for being committed to helping people get well. In college, I worked at a hospital in radiology. That impacted my work in my 30's where I worked a lot with healthcare leaders. People who truly care are so needed in the health and healing industry. I'm glad you are here with us! God bless!
Thank you Pastor Nat for your faithful coaching of us here. I am a 71 year old wife of almost fifty years, a grandmother of two and retired administrator. God has been a part of my life, my center and loving guide for most of my adult life. He has seen me through molestation, cancer, loss of hearing, depression and broken relationships, healing them all. Without Him, I would be truly dead in every way.
wonderful message! i am a very much “people person” and pray that my connections are God-pleasing and encouraging. have a great day!
Amen on this. I hope I can do this today.
Good morning to all! Thank you for the opportunity to connect with everyone, Pastor Nat. I am blessed to be living for God as a retired educator and Air Force veteran. I accepted Jesus as Savior while in college but didn't become a committed follower until I hit an emotional and spiritual wall in my 30s. I now welcome opportunities to share how God works in our lives in all circumstances.
Thank you so much Carolyn. God bless you
Prayers going up blessings coming down in Jesus Name
Hi, Robert/Pastor Bob! I agree that many need to connect and receive this life-changing message of hope. Thank you for your work in ministry.
Thank you so much ❤️🙏🏽
Hi, Deborah! Thank you for accepting the mission to work with children. You had an opportunity to help shape many lives.
Hi, Carolyn! I understand your situation and join you in prayer. This is the beginning of a new community where we can support each other. Here's one thing: ACCEPT that God loves you. He shows us in different ways each day. Read about His love, sing songs and hymns, and pray. He will meet you where You are to give you joy and peace. I pray you have a fabulous Friday.
I'm a wife of 20 yrs, mother of 4 wonderful sons; the Lord has truly blessed me & continues to...... I look forward to Win the day; thanks Pastor Nat! I also look forward to video messaging & chatting with my military sister & best friend for over 20 yrs. I also do the same with my 3 brothers, my mother, Auntie, Uncle & cousins. Most of us are in different states...
Thank you for sharing. I will pray for God to bring more friends in your life.
Andre, that is enough.
Hi, Shirley! Thank you for connecting and for praying for all of us.
Hi, Olivia. I'm praying for clarity of thought and relief from pain for you as well as wisdom and compassion from all involved in your care.
Hi, Clyde! Isn't it a blessing that God receives us whenever we come him no matter our age? He redeems the time.
Hi, Maureen! Thank you for starting with the introductions and for your dedication through healthcare.
This was a timely message. God has moved my heart to rejoin Christian fellowship after I left the church 10 years ago. God also has appeared to given me a desite for marriage which never existed in my heart. I am quite emotional about it cuz I don't have the financial means plus I am nearly 50. So I could use some prayer if you think of it.
For all of you who loved Pastor Nat's message this morning, he is right on the moment. We surely need to make time for establishing and re-establishing relationships for the Glory of God. I have known personal hardships and losses over the years but one thing I do know is that God cares about me and I know He cares about you. God has blessed me and I am a living testimony for His Goodness and Mercy. Let's take stock in His love for us and reach out to others with this message of hope in Him through Christ. It's one of the best investments we can ever make. Pastor Bob
Hi Maureen!!! It's nice to meet you. I'm glad Pastor Nat encouraged us to all share a little about ourselves. I'm so happy to be a part of this community!!!
Hi Olivia. Thanks for sharing. I am going to day a quick prayer for you right now that things work out.... (there just did it).🙏❤🥰
Hi Shirley! I too love that the go tandem app,encourages communication between us!!!!! I hope yo hear from you more!! Peace and love🙏
Absolutely loved today's message amen I worked in child care for 33 years and loved every minute I thank God for all h.
Hi everyone. My name is Carolyn Crawford (no relationship to Pastor Nat) lol. I am 50 years old. I love his message today about getting all of us talking and sharing. See normally when I hear messages like the one he gave, I get a sense of sadness. For I really don't have many friends. I have a hard time maintaining friendships. I always have. I live alone with my 2 cats. The 2 friends that I do have are married with children so it's really hard to just hang out with them. I attend church every week and love my church family. I love this app, and do try to read people's posts. I guess on my journey to spiritual growth, I try to remember that I'm not alone. That God is always near. I pray so hard that I'll feel his love. That I'll feel the Holy Spirit leading me where I should go. If you read this I pray that you have a very blessed day. 🥰🙏🥰🙏
All I have is thank you, Lord. Amen.
Hi Brothers and Sisters I'm Shirley. I am hapoy and blessed for the privilege of communicating on gotandem. My prayers extend to everyone of you. Maureen thank you for your loving and faithful service. You are a blessing! May God continue to bless each and every one.
Hello friends my name is Olivia I’m going to the orthodontist this morning to possibly get a shot in my lower back ouch! I don’t know I’m a little frightened but I know God is with me and for me and not against me. Can you all please pray that I make the right decision. God said when two or three are in the midst of him he is always there... thank you all have a blessed day in Jesus 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Hello everyone, My name is Clyde and I live in the northern tip of New York State near Canada and Vermont border. I started out my adult life in the Air Force and served for 4 yrs and then worked as a Sheriff Deputy for 4 yrs. I then took a job with our local municipal police dept. and made a 20+ career out of it. Once I retired, I worked 10 years in the medical supply co, finally landing a job at a local church as the administration assistant to the pastor. I am a late believer, coming to the Lord when I was 57 yrs old. But now my quest is coming to be best friends with Jesus. Lot of time passed between being a non-believer to accepting Christ as my savior but was the greatest choice I made in my life. Looking forward to leaning in with you all here and I thank Pastor Nat for these devotions. God Bless you all!!
Hello Brethren I’m Maureen and very thankful to be with you all. Thank you for your prayers. I’ve worked in healthcare my entire adult life and enjoy being with others I thank God daily for allowing me to be blessed with just helping people whether in sickness or health. It brings great joy and peace connecting with one another through our Lord. I look forward to our continued fellowship. In Jesus name I pray for us. Amen