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You Are What You Eat

Air Date: 12/15/20 - Spend any time being spiritually stuck?  Hey, it happens, but you don’t have to stay there!  Today Pastor Nat helps you identify the pitfalls that can hold you back, and one of those is your spiritual appetite!  Listen in for godly wisdom and motivation to get you back on track with a nourishing diet of God’s Word. 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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I need to get back to God, let him have the reins he does the better job of it.
It can be a challenge, but sometimes a coach doesn't need to be a "guru" but rather a partner who will help us see ourselves objectively and encourage us to keep pursuing our goals. I am a youth sports coach. I never played sports, but I love to help kids improve. So I may not be a guru, but I can help them see things and hit goals. So I encourage you to find someone for that purpose and have someone you can call on for those deeper insights and coaching as well. We're here to help there when you need us!
Thank you for the encouragement! God's Word is at work in our lives. To God be the glory!
@evakrahn76 - we are so very thankful that the materials are portable & you can access them when you can! ENJOY!
Thank you pastor Nat So true I love gauteng I work in a factory When I have time I open up my go tandem and I read it just brings me so much closer to God And I feel so much better in so many ways
Thanks you
I choose to grow
God bless pastor
Nat, Thanks very much for today's scripture as this is a subject my Bible group planned to take up this evening, How did you know...? Timely for sure! I will suggest we read Hebrews 5: 11-14 and roll the discussion. Finding a coach might be a challenge... your thoughts?
This was a motivating message for me! I've been a Christian for 21 years, but lately I've felt stuck and even like I need to get off meet and go back to the 'basics' (milk). However, I DON'T feel condemned by this, as I feel the Holy Spirit is telling me to 'Return to my first love' and that God the Father is more concerned about my "love-walk" and my relationship with him, than he is about my knowledge of scripture, 'THOUGH THE LATTER IS IMPORTANT'. Amen.
Thank you for the encouragement! It is an honor and a blessing to walk with you!
We all need to examine our pace and our growth. No one coasts towards greatness. That's why coaching is so important!
Great illustration, Bill. Like the big ship, a millimeter in your trajectory can dramatically change your destination. So getting back on course (if off course long enough) can take time and attentiveness.
Amen to your message today Pastor Nat. I know I'm not unique (well..?) but I do go thru seasons as we all do and I can tell when I need to get back bc I let 'stuff' get into my sphere of thinking and I can become concerned about things where I normally wouldn't even let it phase me. These seasons are like a large ship it doesn't turn immediately there gradual then you're on a new course and it even at first looks pretty good and your like, okay lets roll, but you begin see where the waters are going to become more rough if you stay this course. You pray for wisdom to get into your heart bc thats where you make the final decision to turn that freightliner back around but it's a gradual turn. Full steam ahead!
@Adam - thank you for your encouraging words! Our goal is to provide the tools people need to grow closer to God each day & it sounds like this is the case for you! We are glad you are here - feel free to choose the share button on the posts so others can join you as well!
Thank you for pointing out that we need to study the Word for ourselves and we need a coach. I'm praying for the discipline to keep me (and my family and friends) growing in the Lord and in his Word.
Thank you for this message today .
Lord thank you for bringing us into your Kingdom. Let us not look to the left or right but remain and grow in Your Word. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.
When you are stuck, you need help from others. This Christian journey requires the help from the HolySpirit and people who GOD brings into our lives.
Thank you pastor Nat for a word that cause us to reflect on our Spritual growth .
Amen and thank you
Thank you for this Pastor Nat. This is so encouraging. I am growing. I belong to a Bible teaching fellowship and I am and have learnt so much. My personal benefits are grand as you walk and apply them to daily living. Thank you Jesus for the road map. Amen
Your app, "goTandem", has help me to learn and grow a lot in my spiritual walk with Jesus; I pray that it will help many others also. I know that God is using this app and your sermons to help me further progress on my journey with him. A day never goes by now that I am not thinking about him. God is showing me how to put him, and his gospel of Jesus Christ, at the center of my life. The more I read the Bible, the more I feel closer to God and my Lord Jesus. Thank you for uplifting me and others along our spiritual journey. God bless you Pastor Crawford.🙏