Worship Without Reservation, Part 2  - Win the Day

Worship Without Reservation, Part 2 

Air Date: 7/23/20 - Pastor Nat Crawford opens the ancient book of Psalms to share a very relevant way to worship without reservation! Later Arnie Cole joins Pastor Nat to talk about experiencing God and His grace.  

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That you for encouragement, as a Christ followers.
Great message. Struck the right nerve with me. I must do better. Thank You!
Your spiritual growth, Awarness that we can do nothing apart from christ....allows you to praise God with joy and tears...fire and water coexisting. Thank you past oil r Nat , for encouraging us to grow in grace and knowledge.
I'm thankful for God's grace.
Through reading the Bible and praying and obeying what God says.
Good morning! How will you worship God today?