Worship Without Reservation, Part 1  - Win the Day

Worship Without Reservation, Part 1 

Air Date: 7/22/20 - Worship and serve the Lord with gladness! Pastor Nat Crawford explains why this ancient principle speaks so loudly in today’s world.  After his message, Pastor Nat will be joined by Arnie Cole for a discussion that will help you move forward in faith. 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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Thank you a really great message it gives me lost to thank you both what I am good at yes it is time to go back to church and worship
Helping people
Thank you for this message
When I read my bible, I have a song in my heart then it goes to my head to my mouth, I shout to the Lord.
Thanks for the blessing! "Keeping Him Close By" - KHCB Radio Station FM 105.7, Houston, TX
That was great. Thank You!
I enjoyed listening to this message today. Yes, I feel it is time to get back into the heart of worship. It is a very important part of worship. Fellowship with other Christ Followers is important.
I love worshipping through serving. Some of my favorite moments were serving others in the community and in my sphere of influence.
Pastor Nat here. What's your favorite way to worship God?