Worship Confusion - Win the Day


Worship Confusion


Air Date: 1/18/22 - What is worship? Is it singing? Dancing? Is it just religious activity? Or is it something more? Join Pastor Nat as he digs for the answers. 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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5 months ago
I don't think I will ever get this right. Is there ever going to be any hope for me?
5 months ago
Lord Jesus, Your desire for us is that we worship You in Spirit and in truth. Keep me rooted in You so that my efforts to worship spiritually is done right. Let my motivation to worship find its source in my love for You to the same degree that You first loved me.
5 months ago
Pastor Nat please go back to your daily devotional. There is one friend there asking for guidance on praying. She she says when she prays in the morning she falls asleep.
I was going to reply but I will let you take that step forward in Jesus name Amen
1 reply
5 months ago
I will check it out.
5 months ago
We Worship Only One, that is The Lord, Jesus, Christ. No other things shall we worship for there is only One Creator of all, God. We Worship with all our Heart, Soul, Spirit, Mind and Strength. Praise Jesus Glory to God.
5 months ago
Amen, God is love and love is giving and helping others in His name sake🙏
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