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Workplace Makeover


Air Date: 2/24/21 - Ever wish for a “workplace makeover”?  Pastor Nat talks about such a plan in today’s episode.  Discover how to honor God in your work, even if your boss is, well, not your favorite person.  You matter.  Your work matters.  Find out why.  


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Thank you, Pastor Nat, for your reply. It gives me Hope and validation. Many people, including my own family, could not understand why I did it . I was labeled as "selfish, self pitying, troublemaker, whistleblower, and finally, "unrealistic". I Know through Christ's teaching that I did the Right thing, but it is so uplifting and hopeful to have a fellow body part of Jesus also understand . Thank You for uplifting me. Agape', Sarah
It's amazing what time and the Holy Spirit can do to a person. I often reflect on my past behavior and realize how wrong I have been. Everyone has a story. Their experiences shape who they become. That's why we are responsible for our reactions and how responses to the people and events of our lives. Thanks for sharing today!
What an awesome story. Thank you for sharing. John Maxwell says leadership is influence. We can influence up, down, and sideways by how we speak and live. How we treat others is a clear indicator of the difference Christ makes. Thanks for sharing.
Sarah, you're story is not isolated. I am an executive coach and I used to work with rural hospitals. These lack of values and standards is common. Unfortunately, they change the carpets and entryways instead of working on their values and culture. The patients and staff suffer because of it. Thank you for sharing your story and the hope you have through Christ.
lord i thank you your many blessing plased apon me. you are the rock of my salvation. AMEN.
As a registered nurse in a cardiology office, I was placed in an unethical, unsafe, and immoral situation by the manager. After speaking with her and trying to patiently resolve the situation, she became hostile towards me. When the situation worsened, I followed the proper chain of command, but to no avail. The improprieties were acknowledged and proven, and promises to correct the situation were made, but after months there was no action taken. I eventually resigned with a 2 week notice and their offer for me to return to their employment in the future. Needless to say, I have not returned. I Thank God for Paul's words regarding hardship and affliction as a Christian. Jesus was persecuted for his Faith, and therefore so shall we be. In these hardships we learn to lean heavily on our Lord, thereby bringing Him nearer to us . We learn by hardship integrity, endurance, patience, and a strengthening if Faith . Amen
God bless u
Thank you.
In everything we do Our Master tells us we are to do all things with His Love. Following all things done with and in complete honesty. For everything Jesus ever did and remains to do is with honesty to Glorify God at all times. Never forgetting to do all we do with The Mercy and Grace Jesus makes new within us each new day. I have not always served as I have stated but years ago God opened my eyes to see what He said is to be done, His will not the will of the world. Heavenly Father I Praise and Thank You for those years ago You opened my eyes again to show me I serve You not humanity! Even in the trials, storms, pain Lord You carried me through bringing me out in Your Will stronger than before. I will Rise each time You lift me for You Lord, yes Father I know in times I will stumble but I Thank You for being with me to lift me to rise right back up. Father we often forget how easy it is to smile and Uplift someone than to try to tear down. If we're honest we will always do as You did and remain to do daily for us. I Thank You for keeping Your Promises and Faithfulness each new day. In Jesus name Amen. For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” 2 Corinthians 4:6 (KJV)
Congrats!!! The Lord has rewarded you for your faithfulness to the company and to Him!!!
I rather please God over men, in the end it will work out for the best.
It does make a difference to have integrity, even in the workplace. My boss, well, is horribly less than desirable. But I treat my team much different than my boss treats her team. My team notices it and makes comments to that effect. They even make them in corporate training. Those comments went to HR. I got called in by HR and our CEO. They asked what I do that is so different because my team is one of 2 that are happy and love their boss (not sure my team's sanity in that comment, but we have nearly 1,000 employees, so this is impacting). Humbling, yes, but ultimately it gave me a chance to tell my HR SVP and CEO about God in a way that they would understand (business terms and examples). They asked me to be part of the re-innovation team. The core values of our company are now Trust, Respect, Accountability and Collaboration. Such an honor. I will soon be promoted and not working for my horribly less than desirable boss. This was truly a God project; He gave me the thoughts and the words to use and I am so thankful that I could be part of it.
Thanks for that wonderful devotional that helps us live a godly life serving others
Here is a link to last weeks prayer platform - I hope this helps!
Thank you.
I am now ten years retired. But years ago I had a boss who was so hard to work for. Today I can clearly see that she was a wounded person, deeply insecure. And she turned her wounding around and hurt others with her words and actions. But at the time, I couldn’t see that, and my response was ANYTHING but loving. And that created such inner conflict that my angst turned into a deep depression. It wasn’t because of what she did, though. It was because I wasn’t reflecting the love that Christ poured out on me. Today I pray for the Lord’s forgiveness for my horrible behavior. And I have forgiven her, through the love I have from Jesus, and through the Holy Spirit. Praise God!
Is there a way to get your previous five minute prayer times. There are certain ones I would have loved to stayed but I’m not sure how to do it.
I'm retired now but I still think you can apply this teaching in the way you live life, and it should always be for the Glory of God and to work for the Kingdom.
Amen! Off to work and give all to the glory of God!
Thank you Pastor Nat for this. I am retired. I found this both challenging and key throughout my work life. That is the only way to remain sane when you are in the midst of employees who do not share your beliefs, Praying helped me refocus and I was lead to start a prayer meeting and was granted use of a seminar room to use once a week with a slot time. God blessed others. . One lady stands out her husband as I found out in this prayer meeting, Her husband was in prison for murder. I started giving her Christian Magazines to give her husband to read in prison. Out of reading some various contents in the Christian Magazine, the husband started a spiritual group to share various contents. This lady left when she found another. My contact with her later faded and finally lost touch. She contacted me this January that her husband died with cancer years back but had been miraculously released from prison before he was diagnosed with cancer. She said we should catch up after lockdown. This is how I turned my work attitude in the midst of haters of Jesus. Amen
Thank you pastor Nat for another good message. I was watching a TV show recently called Forged in fire. And something resignated with me when one of the competitors who didn't win said "I didn't win but everything I did was to glorify God". It really hit me that day where I had to think about it. That means from making my coffee in the morning to feeding my dog and everything in between. "In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." Thank you for reminding me again to do it all for the Glory of our Heavenly Father. Have a blessed day!