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Winners and Losers

Air Date: 4/24/20 - What are you focusing on today that will matter in eternity? Today, Bryan Clark challenges and encourages you with a message from Genesis about the things in life that truly make a difference! Later he’ll step into the studio with Nat Crawford to add some helpful insights! 

Back to the Bible Presents: Bryan Clark  

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Thank you Brian I love to listen to your teaching you have shown me so many things through God's word God bless you
I enjoy listening to your messages. Enjoy your time off.
That was great. You shed soo much light on soo many things; and, the Lord has opened my eyes. Thank You Bryan! Thank You for all God's teachings through the Holy Spirit, in God's Word! I hope that you enjoy your time off.
I have so enjoyed and benefitted and grown in ways that will effect 100 years from now from Bryan’s teaching. I hope he will be back after his sabbatical. Nat has big shoes to fill, indeed. Every BTTB teacher has blessed and grown me in different ways so I look forward to Nat’s teaching.
Great teaching by Bryan Clark! We will miss you!! My husband & I have looked forward to your messages every morning. How long will you be out? We hope not long! ❤️ We would like to order your Genesis series. Thank you so much for your teaching and insight. Bless you and your family. Tom & Patty Scardino
Motivates me to take my seven year old grandson to the junk yard. A very pointed example. Perhaps my whole family needs to go as a reminder of God’s faithfulness.
What a wonderful word to leave us with as Bryan takes his leave. I now look forward to Nath Crawford sharing God's word with His people. God bless you Bryan!!!
Sometimes, its hard to stay on the right path and do what's right. I tend to carry a lot of anger and resentment for the people I have to deal with these. They have no value system.....but I am so grateful for Back to the Bible/Bryan Clarke/ Arnie Cole and all of us who made this platform possible to help someone like me. Sometimes I'm going through a tough time or angry about something and when I wake up to listen to Bryan, the word he speaks just hit me and I gain a new perspective on what's bothering me and the solution to deal with it. God's word is really sharper than any two edged sword. It cuts but its for the best. He loves and care for us. He said in His word, whom He loves he corrects. I will miss Bryan but his replacement, forgive I forgot his name; will do a good job in bringing God's word to us until Bryan returns. God bless you all. Continue studying God's word Bryan.
do not look at this world as to offer, it has no value system. We are running a race. We are God's children, live by faith.