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Why Pray?


Air Date: 1/10/22 - Why pray?  This week’s guest host, Jacob Wirka explores all the reasons for connecting with God through prayer.  Discover God’s desire to not only heal, guard, and guide you, but also to enjoy hearing from you as His beloved!


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6 months ago
Thank you for the short talk on why pray...it was beneficial to my growing in knowing God.
6 months ago
Kyle, i pray your therapy sessions will be meaningful and helpful. I pray your therapist is a believer. God we ask for a speedy resolution for Kyle's situation. Amen
6 months ago
This week, I start therapy. I ask that people will interceed for me about my success.
2 replies
5 months ago
Another great Christian site: NewLife.com
5 months ago
An additional great Christian site is NewLife.com
6 months ago
Lord Jesus, I run to You in prayer because I trust You with my secrets. I trust You because You forgive me of my sins and restores me back into perfect relationship with God the Father. I come to You in prayer because I want to hear from You and I want You to hear me and the extent I want Your Word in me.
6 months ago
Thank you for this message about prayer. I'm thankful that God will hear us when we pray. I'm thankful that I can go to Him directly any time of day. He is my Rock.
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