Why Heaven Matters Today pt. 2 - Win the Day

Why Heaven Matters Today pt. 2

Air Date: 3/17/20 - Bryan Clark challenges us to let the hope of what’s to come—eternity with God—change the way we live today. Our focus, he says, should be on “treasure” that lasts forever: knowing, loving, and serving Jesus; leading others to Him; bringing Heaven and Earth together by living each day as citizens of God’s Kingdom.

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2 years ago
Great teaching
2 years ago
thank you Brian I enjoy listen to you and I am learning so much and also new things that I did not know before i am glad the opportunity is given to me to hear back to the Bible.
2 years ago
Where are our hearts is there will be our treasures. will br.
2 years ago
Excellent message and follow up discussion, you guys.
If I understand correctly, we must store up treasures in heaven.
These visible, physical treasures, or trophies, will not physically be taken to our life with our Lord.
However, what we do with these earthly treasures, temples e.t.c will determine our crowns in the New Heaven and New Earth.

Thank You!
1 reply
2 years ago
Mark - we are glad you have been able to enjoy the messages!