Why Heaven Matters Today pt. 1 Air Date: 3/16/20 - Understanding the truth about God and Heaven dramatically changes the way we live our lives—especially how we view the world and treat others. In this episode, Bryan Clark encourages us to grasp what the Bible says about the afterlife and what’s to come: God is going to redeem all creation back to Himself. Back to the Bible Presents: Bryan Clark https://youtu.be/POQiY25otq8 We welcome your comments, questions, and responses. Please feel free to leave them below! If you want to share this Daily Bible Teaching with friends and family, here is the link: https://bttb.org/your-daily-bible-teaching-broadcasts
Thank you for these teachings. I need them.
I really enjoyed listening this series and more understanding about the new earth and new heaven, about the communities and shalom.
Dawn ~ We are so very glad you have been able to join us for this series!
This series has helped me picture and understand our role here and now on earth.