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Why Gentleness Matters


Air Date: 6/21/21 - Remember, the Lord is near!  Today Pastor Nat encourages you to realize and act on the reality of God’s presence in your life.  Who can you share His love and gentleness with today?

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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a year ago
Yesterday, at dinner, I laughed at our server. He told my wife "I know", and then he proceeded to forget what she asked for. I laughed at him without thinking. My wife reminded me that what I did was wrong. As soon as the server came back, I apologized to him for my behavior. Certainly I was wrong to laugh. If Jesus was seated with us, I would not have acted that way, yet this lesson reminds me that Jesus is always with me, no matter what I do. Nothing is secret to Him or hidden from Him. I ask Him for the grace to respect others as I would respect Him, and to remember that in laughing at others, I laugh at Him.
a year ago
Pastor Nat always has excellent encouragement from the bible and the stories he shares. I especially love it when he shares from the bible scriptures that relate to each story. I just started listening about a month now and I plan to continue listening. Thank you for being led by God to share Jesus!
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a year ago
Thank you for the encouragement. My goal is to present God’s word wholly and without compromise. I’m glad the personal stories add a little bit of touch and understanding. Glad to have you part of the family.
a year ago
We are all sinners that fall short of The Glory of God. It is when we are Batized in The name of The Father Son and Holly, we are Batized in The Holly Spirit and Fire.

For The Father is always nearer to us because He is alive within us. This we must never forget, we are never alone!
Through every Trial Storm we must remember who is in control, Jesus Christ our only Savior. Jesus is The Love, Light, Joy that fills us never leaving us, though we do sometimes forget. In those times look up call upon The most Gracious Powerful Name of Jesus Christ.

His Light is always magnified within us, it is we who must let Jesus shine bright for all to see. Each time we feel down or have self pity remember there are many feeling the same way. For the only way is to look up and say I am a child of God!
My #1 goal is to abide in Jesus through all things being humble, kind, gentle, loving,.
Is it is No but looking up we can say Good God Almighty I know Your with me.

Each new day tell Jesus I still Believe I Still Believe I Still Believe Father my heart Trust in You for Great is Your Faithfulness, Please Lord remind my heart Your Mercy and Grace are made New each morning, Please Bless me/us to become more like You, Good Faithful, Loving doing all things with Your Love, Father when I/we fall short please encourage our hearts soul spirit with Your Love, Light that we may Glorify You in every way, to know we are not perfect but that You are, Bless us and use us Father for Your Will that we let all other's see You within us, Father please Bless uplifting into Your Amazing Grace all who are doubting, hurting lead us to tell the world about You Jesus, to remember because You Loved us first and Chose us we can stand on The Foundation and Solid Rock of God knowing You will never leave nor forsake us, Thank You Lord for The Holly Spirit of You, please remind us Your Holly Spirit teaches us helps us prays for us when we are not okay because You are The Joy of our Strength, Father I/we know sometimes the only way to heal is when our broken heart let's go surrendering all to You because You Jesus Refresh Renew Strengthen us within You, please Lord let us draw neaier to You and be who You want us to be as Your plan for us has already been played out, remind us to Trust in You for Your are The Promise keeper, Father Your Love is True Love Thank You for letting us know through this Journey nothing can separate us from our God in Jesus Mighty name Amen
a year ago
Thank you for the great message.
Taking time for my Sister today. She is going through a stressful time right now.
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a year ago
Thank you for sharing Rose. I pray for your sister that her stress will be turned into peace. God bless.
a year ago
I love the encouragement I get from listening to you Pastor Nat. I ask that God blesses you, and all at Back to the Bible for the work, "you," do. Amen.
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