Why Forgive Others? - Win the Day


Why Forgive Others?


Air Date: 12/7/21 - Why should we forgive others? What if they don’t deserve it? Join Pastor Nat as he looks for the answers.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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8 months ago
Demon possessed people chase women all the time. Keep hiding because you have no Jesus in You
8 months ago
Dear Lord,
I come before your throne of grace declaring to you that I forgive those who sexually assaulted me, physically assaulted me, and did other things against me in my life.
I ask you to help me to do this, despite the fact that I have no way to tell these people that I have forgiven them. Moreover, I ask you dear Lord to protect me from being hurt like this again, and, I ask you to protect from situations where I would need to forgive in the first place.
Finally, I ask for your help getting rid of the trauma I've suffered, and the grudges I've held in my heart against these people for so long.
I ask this in Jesus name.
8 months ago
Lord Jesus, just as You remained obedient to Your heavenly Father, so let me remain completely obedient to You, teaching others the dynamic life that can be lived, when we have truly forgiven . Help me Lord to not with-hold Your blessing which You freely gave, so that I can be the source of forgiveness to others.
8 months ago
Forgiveness - Easy nuff, not at all. Worth the effort? Most definitely, feel it, embrace it, give it!
8 months ago
Let us all remember if we are to become more like Jesus, then we must stop and realize we must always be forgiven. As Jesus Christ forgave us through His precious blood.

When we hold on to anger we only hurt Jesus and ourselves. Why: again Jesus forgave us and when we do not it only hurts us. Then questions if I am a True believer my Father was forgiven then if I Trust in Him I too must be just as forgiven.

Thank You Heavenly Father for I/we did not deserve what You so Freely did and gave for us. Yes Lord we are sinners please Bless us to forgive other's of their trespasses just as You Forgive we Your children, in Jesus name Amen
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