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Whose Wisdom Do You Lean On?


Air Date: 3/12/22 - Whose wisdom do you lean on?  There’s plenty to choose from, but where do they take you? Jacob Wirka examines the ultimate goal of biblical wisdom as he continues in the book of James.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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4 months ago
There are people who believe that there is such a thing as poetic justice. You reap what you sow, right?
4 months ago
Trust God. Amen
4 months ago
Growing up in a family with mental illness mother, great grandmother, I didn’t know what to feel, I always did whatever anyone would tell me . Most advise came from dysfunctional people. I always believed in , but was not putting my faith into practice. , I’m now a follower ofJesus, Disciple . He my source for living in this evil world. I have many days that I know on my own power I couldn’t get though , I don’t believe in Karma, or luck I do believe by the blood of Jesus , I live in mercy, and grace. All glory goes to Him 🙏
4 months ago
Lord Jesus, remove far from me all traces of worldly wisdom and replace such jealousy and worldly ambition with Godly wisdom which comes from above and which could make me peaceable and gentle, open to reason. Implant Your wisdom in me, Lord, that I may talk and walk in righteousness.
4 months ago
This causes soul searching! Jealousy and strife are results of worldly wisdom,—doing and saying what WE THINK IS RIGHT AND GOOD. God’s wisdom is displayed in us when we choose to submit to God and live by the power of God in us, obeying out of love and devotion to Jesus. God provided that list for us to check which wisdom we are living in
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