Who’s Your Daddy? - Win the Day


Who’s Your Daddy?


Air Date: 12/1/21 - Who is God? How should we communicate with Him? Is He really your Father? If so, so what? Join Pastor Nat as he digs for the answers.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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7 months ago
Dear Lord,
I come before your throne of grace asking you for forgiveness.
I admit there were times where I cussed you out when things went wrong. I ask that you forgive me for those times where I failed to hallow your name.
I pray this in Jesus name.
7 months ago
Thank you God that you've given me the right to even call you Father. My dad left us when we were little so I never experienced calling any man father or daddy but I love that I have the God the Father who is greater than any father I could have had on earth.
7 months ago
Heavenly Father of all creation, You are holy and Your name is honourable. You are perfect in all of Your ways and I adore You and praise Your name. And through Your Son, Jesus, who has shown us the way, I desire a closer, more intimate relationship with You. Abba Father, I love and adore calling Your name.
7 months ago
For me I have A Daddy here on earth but only One "Father"! Pastor Nat Thank You it was funny. That being said God Hears, our every Prayer and see us always. Even when we think He does not, just remember Jesus said I Saw You, I heard You, follow me.

Nothing can separate us from The Love of Our God and noth can not ever will Stand against The Power of Our God! Amen Pastor Nat when I hear my kids still call me Dad, Daddy it warms my heart to know that there are many Daddy's but only One "Father" who is never failing. Praise Jesus Glory to God Amen.

7 months ago
Amen 🙏 I thank God for for being my heavenly Father the one that I can go to no matter what time it is or where I am
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