Who’s Your Daddy? Part 2 - Win the Day

Who’s Your Daddy? Part 2

Air Date: 8/20/20 - What is prayer all about?  What should you be praying for daily?  And what did Jesus teach us about prayer? Pastor Nat Crawford helps you discover the answers those questions in today’s message!  Later, he’s joined by Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney to discuss some practical approaches to your prayer life.  

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Thank you Pastor Nat Ernie and Kyra for sharing your thoughts about how to talk to God to be angry or not
My name Charmaine and I want you to pray for me and my grandson that he will be obedient that God will open up his ears and heart body and soul to the things of him and that someday his mother will tell him who his father is amen thank you.
Prayer. Relying on God. Thank you Lord. Love this series. Prayer 1 and 2
As Christ followers should do on earth until Christ take us home.
When going thru a God ordained test , struggle or tradgedy...it's normal to pray for immediate deliverence..removal of pain and panic...yet, daily feasting on Gods word, letting God build in us. The very mind of Christ...allows us to stand fast, not run from the reality and privilege of sharing in the sufferings of the Lord Jesus Christ. This takes time , surrender and discipline to want more than a nibble of doctrine...but a feast daily....thanks pastor Nat.
Amen ... I so appreciate this series!