“Who’s the Father?” - Win the Day


Who’s the Father?


Air Date: 2/9/22 - Who are the children of God?  Pastor Dan Coke points to the spiritual paternity test found in the book of James to help you find your place in God’s family tree!


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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5 months ago ( updated 5 months ago )
Thank you God for a freshly new day, thank you for your son who died to set us free from sins. Thank you for our father who sits as king to judge the living and dead. Amen.
5 months ago
How to get The Holy Spirit has always confusing to me. How do I attain The Holy Spirit in my life?
5 months ago
Lord Jesus, by Your divine power, You have preordained that I should be alive at this time so that You can be glorified. And You hauled me out of the fires of hell, called me out of the darkness, and brought me into Your marvelous light, because of Your will for my life. Thank You for Your amazing grace.
5 months ago
Good teaching pastor. Born of Spirit from above + Word of truth implanted within.
5 months ago
Right on brother Dan...Amen a message to Uplift all.
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