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Who’s In First Place?

Air Date: 1/11/21 - If you add baking ingredients out of order, expect a disaster. The same principle holds true for life – when your priorities are out of order, watch out! Today Pastor Nat lays out God’s priority list for living a life of purpose, on purpose. 

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Thanks for the reminder that! already know but fail faithfully follow. My goal for 2021
Hopefully, and usually true. I know at times I've served with wrong motives, so I acted as if it was for Christ, but it was really for me. Forgive me, Father!
It's a valuable exercise. I am amazed how quickly I can take Jesus out of His rightful place in my life.
Thank you I am thinking a lot about myself what is my 1st priority And I want that to be the Lord
When we serve the Lord he is in the first place in our lives.
Great words, Joey! Thank you! You are right. Nothing can dethrone Christ from His kingly place over creation. He is King today, tomorrow, and forever!
Each new day I start with Christ and continue through the day, afternoon, evening and Night through Christ alone. As he reminds me that in all I do I do it with His Love. Nothing can dethrone Christ from us or His Most Holly Place. Start your day with God do your best to Live for God following as Jesus leads The way and end your day with God and Thanking and Praising Him for drawing us nearer to Him. In Jesus name I do Pray Amen.
God first!
Amazing portion. God bless you Pastor.
Good word Pastor
Yes put God first in everything you do. AMEN.
This is so true, I love this, you hit it right on the nail, sometimes we are more quick to look or read facebook, tiktok and other things that we shouldn't, I am one, we have to become stronger in our faith and make sure God comes first, in Jesus mighty name! Amen, thank you so much for your word, it helps us all to realize God should be first in our lives always!
This is just what I needed to hear . I had put my husband and his issues above Christ and needed this truth . Thank you Pastor Nate .
Very helpful. I need to prioritize my life and put Christ first. Amen in Jesus name. Thanks 👍