Who Should We Spend Our Time With? Part 2 - Win the Day

Who Should We Spend Our Time With? Part 2

Air Date: 8/4/20 - Pastor Nat Crawford takes us to the words of Jesus to spell out who we should spend our time with, and how.  Later Pastor Nat is joined by Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney to talk about the impact of being humble in our approach to sharing the gospel.     

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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Thank you for sharing I always learn something from you I feel very blessed🙏
I enjoyed listening to this studies a lot. I listen this from Warren W., Bryan Clark, and Pastor Nate Crawford.
These studies are really helpful. I have started listening to them from the last week of July. Thanks.
I look forward to listening each day. I feel I’m growing in faith and your giving me tools to use when I talk to non-believers and believers. God bless you all!