Who Are You Calling Bad? - Win the Day


Who Are You Calling Bad?

Air Date: 8/17/21 - Are we born good? Are we all children of God? What does the Bible say about these topics? Join Pastor Nat as he explores the Bible for the answers.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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5 months ago
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5 months ago
Jesus gave his life for us so that we could live and live more abundantly. All honor, praise and glory to God 🙏!!!
5 months ago
I am thankful that I'm a child of God.
5 months ago
Father I Thank You that we are "all" born of God's imagine through The Life, Love, Stripes Prescious Blood of Jesus Christ, Father You tell us we are to never hurt little children because they are sinless, pure in You, Father I Thank and Praise You that as we grow in the life You have given us back through Jesus Christ Your Son we are given a chance not to be an enemy of but turning to Jesus Christ with all our hearts to know we will remain a child of God through Jesus Christ Our Savior King Creator Healer Redeemer Our Everything, Thank You Lord that reading Your Word You speak to us to accept what other's may understand differently than The True Word of God, Great is Your Faithfulness Promises Mercy's and Grace in Jesus name Amen
5 months ago
Amen. Great message thank you. Will share this message.
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