Which Is Better, Life or Death? - Win the Day


Which Is Better, Life or Death?


Air Date: 5/13/21 - What course are you on, and who navigates your life?  Pastor Nat maps out your ultimate destination to remind you that living means living for Christ, and dying means being reunited with Him. Are you on course?   


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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8 months ago
To live in Christ, to die is gaun in which is better.
8 months ago
8 months ago
Amen, throught christ all things are possible even in death.
8 months ago ( updated 8 months ago )
Let us remember each New day is a Blessing in this beautiful life Jesus has made for us. To Glorify Him in all we do knowing our life is not ours but His. That Jesus has already laid a plan out for our life through Him. We here to live as Jesus lived and remains living within each of us.
We are all shades of Love that Love is The Love of Jesus Christ. We must remember to "live" and not just be alive. Jesus gave us this life to memik Him in all we do. Yes some days the trials may seem endless but in those trials we learn to climb the mountain that Jesus is at the top of, waiting for that day when He says child You've been gone to lone come back where you belong right next to me. For I have never left You and I never will. Do all things for and through Me be my messenger in all things.

Father to live is a Joy we often forget that Joy is You. Please remind us that our lives are a spirit of You our bodies are flesh that will return to which they begin but our Spirit will live a new life with You. Please Bless those in need help them to look up to You turn to Your Word and Truth is You have already overcome this world. Home is when You Father call us to live with You. Thank You for Your Faithfulness in Jesus name Amen.

"Our worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God's grace. And your best days are never so good that you are beyond the need of God's grace. Remember we have been Chosen!
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8 months ago
Joey, my Brother in Christ, I loved your message of viewing God as sitting on top of a mountain. Calling us up, giving us strength.... so that when we finally get there we hear those blessed words... "Well Done My Child!"

Joey thank you for always being a constant here. You make me smile. And you AKWAYS remind me that (God really does LOVE ME).. it's worth a lot.. trust me.

May you have peace tonight, my friend. 😇🙏😇
8 months ago
Thank you for the great message.
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