Where Should We Invest? Part 1 - Win the Day

Where Should We Invest? Part 1

Air Date: 8/5/20 - When it comes to spiritual investment, money is not the issue. Pastor Nat Crawford shares that the issue is your heart, and your willingness to give of yourself!  After the message Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney join in to talk about what it means to invest in God’s kingdom!   

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By helping others with their daily, that they are Okay.
How do you enjoy investing in the Kingdom?
I loved the example of the woman who volunteered at camp. Our spiritual gifts are currency that can open a heart...because , filled with the spirit,we are investing in Gods perfect plan to watch Him work with what He has so freely given....thanks pastor Nat, for keeping your eyes and heart upward.
Just what I needed to hear today! Thank you for such wonderful messages!!