Where is Your Hope? - Win the Day


Where Is Your Hope? 


Air Date: 8/4/21 - Many people struggle with finding real hope. We try money, government, family, or positive mantras. Join Pastor Nat as he uncovers the unwavering source of hope

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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5 months ago
Your message in Colossians reminds me that I have received all grace in the past so I can be more bold to share that confidence with others who need His Truth.
6 months ago
Thank you pastor Nat great message I focus on Jesus and sometimes I lose sight of it I have a hard time dealing with rejection I have a hard time when I don't get what I desire ,
6 months ago
Thank you, Lord, for being my shining light to guide and lead me through all seasons. I rest in You, Lord for there is no other that comes close. Amen.
6 months ago
Thank you for this message today. I just happened to wear a t-shirt today that has the following words on it "LIVE LIFE WITH PURPOSE." There is hope if people believe in Jesus and except Him as their Savior.
6 months ago
What makes me focus on the hope from God is knowing that as the bible teaches me that the things in this world are temporary, but the things from the Lord God above are eternal. And I focus on what's in Romans 5: 1-5 about hope. Troubles may come, but they teach me patience, and patience gives me experience, and experience activates my hope, which doesn't make me ashamed because God's love is placed in my heart by the Holy Spirit that God gives me. So that's where my hope is and will continue to be. And I pray that all of us who are true followers and believers in the gospel of Jesus will keep our hope there forever !!!
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