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When Will Jesus Return?


Air Date: 10/11/21 - When will Jesus return? Can a person be sure? Join Pastor Nat as he aims to find the answers.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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2 months ago
thank you
9 months ago
Lord Jesus, I believe that You will return to earth to receive me. Help me Lord to remain focused and faithful until that day of Your return. Keep me involved in works of charity and in telling others of Your love and of Your righteousness until that day. Amen.
9 months ago ( updated 9 months ago )
Thank you Pastor Nat great message!
9 months ago
No man nor his Angles nor Jesus knows only God knows when He will send His Son to return. Many verses in Mathew, Hebrew, many give hints but only God knows.
Has Our Heavenly Father has said to keep our lights on and to be ready at all times. For You will not know when I return only The Father.

There in the Bible were 7 signs showing Jesus would return. Most important live don't just be alive for within a moment Jesus may appear. Heavenly Father I am yours my heart, life belongs to You alone.
I am ready Father for The Day I meet You and am seated at Your right side.

Heavenly Father I Thank You and Praise You that You are always with us as I Welcome Your Presence always, Lord closer than the air we breath which is You, I'm ready and Thank You for Your Will not ours, Please continue Father to teach us to be ready and become more like You, leading with Your Love as we follow in Your mighty footsteps praising, singing, dancing giving The Glory and Honor to You as we lift You to inspire encourage all in Your Gracious Faithful name in Jesus name Amen.
1 reply
9 months ago
Just wait! We'll get to the signs! Thanks for your meaningful contribution!
9 months ago
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