When Fear Comes Home Pt. 1 - Win the Day

When Fear Comes Home Pt. 1 

Air Date: 4/3/20 - Today Bryan Clark shares the story of a husband, his wife, and their two sons … all of them driven by fear rather than faith!  How can you keep the same thing from happening in your life?  Find out in today’s message and in-studio discussion with Bryan and apologist Nat Crawford.  

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2 years ago
Is there any way we can order 10 of these books? If so how would we go about

Thank you,
Nicky Glenn
1 reply
2 years ago
Hi Nicky! The first copy is available for a donation of any size & additional copies are available for the Fair Market Value of $7.99 each. You may call us at 1-800-759-2425 to order or send a check or money order to
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PO Box 82808
Lincoln, NE 68501

Thanks Nicky
2 years ago
We live one day at a time, that is how we survive in this life.