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When a Substitute Is Better


Air Date: 3/24/21 - It’s hard to face the ugly stuff in your life. But as Pastor Nat shares, that’s exactly why you need Jesus.  He is the Savior who sees the ugly, yet loves you and offers to replace your sin with His salvation and peace. 


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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There is no substitutefor Christ what he did on the cross,
That's no joke, Maureen. Maybe tofurkey has seen an improvement, but I don't want to find out! Thanks for being here!
Amen! Live Jesus. Don’t try to substitute him with religion, it doesn’t work. Trust Jesus, step out on faith and move mountains. And don’t ever eat tofu turkey, yuk!
Great message.
Give praise to the mighty one because we are ever blessed by the one and only one, God the true and loving one.
Robert that was a nice way to put his message today into context.
Thank you Jesus , for sacrifice yourself for the whole world sins. I love you Jesus. Amen. 🙏❤️🙏
Thank you Lord for this message!!! AMENNNNNNN!
How can I help? I hope you hear that God saves us not based on what we do but on what He does. That's why He's the perfect substitute. But feel free to reach out with any questions you come up with! God does not desire you to be confused about the big things like this.
Good word Brother
Carolyn, you might consider forgiveness for better understanding. If you believe God has forgiven you for past sins because you have repented, accepted Jesus as Savior, and turned away from sin, your active belief would entail leaving those forgiven sins in the past instead of repeatedly asking God to forgive You and torturing yourself about what you used to do. Active belief is LIVING in trust that God has done what He said He would do and will do what He promises.
Carolyn - The truth is that Jesus died on the Cross as a sacrifice for our sins so that we might be forgiven. Obviously, this was God's plan for all mankind in that His Son would bear the sins (past, present and future) that we ourselves have committed. He took our sins upon Himself (in other words). No one else could have done this for us but Jesus who was sinless Himself. In the Old Testament, sins were forgiven through animal sacrifices but in the New Testament, Jesus is that sacrifice. I sincerely hope this narrative helps you in your understanding. I would ask you to thank Jesus personally in your prayers for what He has done for you, and then you will have a much greater understanding of why God designed His salvation plan through His Son. Please let me know if this helps you. Pastor Bob
Good morning Carolyn, after reading your comment , I can relate to your confusion. One answer might be to consider your past Christian training. It was an awful stumbling stone for the orthodox Jewish faith . The best example could easily be of the apostle Paul . Trust in Jesus = faith in Jesus . When I promised my two little children anything they never failed to be excited when I kept my word. Maybe this is what Jesus meant when he told his disciples, except we have the faith of a little child, that can be really hard if a person has a tuff time in trusting... the bottom line is to trust and obey , just like the song for there’s no other way. I’m still working on it myself but with God all things are possible and he is faithful to bring US home safely. YBIC
What a great message! And such a great follow up to yesterday's message. Thank you!
This is a great message for all of us. If we would just do what Pastor Nat says and examine ourselves and really come to the realization that Jesus is our substitute for taking on all of our sins and reconciling us to the Father, we will have accomplished what the Father wants us to understand.
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
This one confused me. I'm not even sure where to go with it or what questions to ask to help make it clearer for me. I always thought I believed and trusted in Jesus.. but maybe I'm stuck in the passive mode?? And if so, in not even sure how to get out of it. The only thing I can think of is to pray to God to give me the answers and how I hear them.
Thankful for the "Free Gift"...which set me free! Eph.2.8-9