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What’s Your Excuse?

Air Date: 10/20/20 -Can you excuse your bad behavior or make up for a lapse of judgment? Or do you need a Savior?  Pastor Nat Crawford talks truth about sin and our desperate need for grace.  Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney will be on hand to discuss today’s message and help you move forward in faith.

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Hi wow you talked about everything that I often question I have a question when we are saved Jesus transformed us is that possible that transformation is very slow or those that happened just like that because I noticed that I have the sinful attitude the feeling just like before
The punishment and correction should be done in private, Peter did it in public so correction should done in public, the other believers will how to behave around the non-believers.
Salvation is through the grace of Jesus no amount of knowledge can save you. Amen
Such beauty and peace...the free gift...paid for by agony and the greatest Love ....it wasn't nails that held Christ on that cross.