What Signs Indicate Jesus’ Return? Part 2 - Win the Day


What Signs Indicate Jesus’s Return? Part 2

Air Date: 10/13/21 - How will we know when Christ is returning? What events must take place? Join Pastor Nat as he finds the real answers.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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14 days ago ( updated 14 days ago )
Dear lord i am hungry for your return, with that hunger i actively await your anticipation for thy coming. Amen.
14 days ago
Lord Jesus, help me to be always ready and prepared for Your return. I want to be forever with You in eternity. I look forward with keen anticipation to that time when I will leave behind this world with all of its ups and downs and enjoy heavenly bliss in Your presence.
14 days ago
No more injustice, wars, hate, evil and suffering
15 days ago ( updated 15 days ago )
Amen. No more hatred, fighting and sorrow.
Just peace and happiness.
15 days ago
Jesus’ coming is my hope. The consummation of all that I hoped for!
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