What Signs Indicate Jesus’ Return? Part 1 - Win the Day


What Signs Indicate Jesus’s Return? Part 1


Air Date: 10/12/21 - How will we know when Jesus is returning? What are the signs? Join Pastor Nat as he discovers 3 signs of Jesus’ return. 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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14 days ago
Amen, Pray, Pray, Pray ! He will return for his bride
15 days ago
15 days ago
Lord Jesus, You have told us of the definite signs of Your return. Prepare me to remain faithful and true even though I may be persecuted for Your sake.
15 days ago
Lord prepared us to be a sanutary for You. Amen.
15 days ago
Thought we view Revelation as the End Time because of Jesus Chris but The time of the End had been prophesies many Centuries before Jesus was ever born and before Revelation was ever written. It is found in the oh testaments in the Book of Daniel. Daniel 12 talks about “The Time Of The End.” If you can remember your religious history the only people who was allowed to read the words of God was the religious orders, not even the King or pharaoh, and since the religious order only advice to King and talked among themselves the average citizen knew nothing of the end time, which is why the disciples asked Christ the question of the book of Matthews. There still a lot about the end time we should know, for example: “Gog and Magog.” If people took the time to look into this they would find that Gog and Magog played a very significant role in the Great Crusades doing medieval times. Thought revelation is the last chapter of the Christian Bible that the history of the Earth didn’t stop at the end of Revelation it that it was no longer being recorded in the people Version of the Bible. Prophecies didn’t stop when Revelations ended it was not recorded because the church looked at any prophecies as being sacrilege. If we take into account Daniel then we actually have no idea since the History of the Earth exactly how many time the Devil and Satan has been cast in to the Bottomless pit for a thousand years nor how many time the Devil and Satan has been released. But we are being taught that it has never happened. But history has shown that we have enjoyed a time of prosperity, meaning we were free of evil interference. Remember these words: “ as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end.” Why was these words used if the world end. It is even talked about even in Revelation that one book end while another one begins which reenforce “as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end.” It may appear that I trying to discourage you about the end time but in reality this is not the case. What I trying to do is to convince you to not stop asking questions because the more knowledge you have the more prepared you will be. You need to take into account the Old Testament, The Apocryphal‘s, The New Testament and any others Religious text. Did you know Gog and Magog is also found in the Quran. I believe that every religious texts have a small part of the End time since we all are really one in the sight of God. The problem is that we are taught to be divided therefore we are divided, but as a civilization we may need each other if I am correct that the thousand years of Devil and Satan imprisonment is an endless cycle to help Defeat the Devil and Satan this go around because of the destructive power that currently exist today. I could have just kept my mouth shut and let the chip fall where they want to but would I have truly could call myself a servant of God. Whether you want to believe me or not that left up to you, because I did my part because as you know already there are just to many people who exist today that have divided just this country along and you know that it is also written: “That A House Divided Will Not Stand.” Yet we are still divided each other’s. Texas alone under their anti-abortion law is turning Friends, Families and Neighbors against each other’s through Temptation of money for personal greed to turn anyone in who even talk about an abortion, and most of you think this is justifiable. Was it Justifiable doing the time of Hitler’s Nazi Germany where people have Jews who were in hiding and turn them over to the Nazi. There is no different than the Republicans of Texas Anti-abortion law. Yet people refuse to open their eyes to the chaos and corruption.
This is my Prophecy that the worst is yet to come and I’m not talking about the end time of good and evil, what I’m am talking about is the fall of America democracy, because people are so blinded by the Deceivers of the truths than opening their eyes to the actual reality of the truth.
1 reply
14 days ago
Keep your eyes on Jesus, not the turmoil around us, He will see you through!
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