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What Motivates You?


Air Date: 2/4/22 - What do love and endurance have to do with trials? Is there a reward for enduring to the end? Join Pastor Nat for the answers.   


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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5 months ago
My Endurance In My Worldly Trials Comes Through My Love For God
5 months ago
Thank you for this Pastor Nat. I thank God and praise Him that his love for me never changes., I may be shifty but my God is awesome coming after me always, who can do that but Jesus.
5 months ago
I see all He has done for me, time and time again. I can't help but love God.
5 months ago
I love God because He loves me despite myself; nothing I have done or will do will stop His love for me. He is good, kind, sovereign, and just. He has been and always will be the same; a Holy and righteous GOD. I can trust Him and His WORD. He has never lied to me nor failed me and, He never will.
5 months ago
Thank you for this devotional today.about what motivates us.
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