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What is Your Mission Statement?

Air Date: 1/14/21 - What’s your mission statement?  As a Christ-follower, you have one, and Pastor Nat details that declaration of intent in today’s episode.  Discover your target audience, your contribution, and your distinction as a believer!

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I pray we all commit to this. Growing in our knowledge and love of God. So good!
My mission statement is to be grow closer to God each day. It's my desire to help others to come to know Christ.
I've found that lifting others up is a great way to open their ears to the gospel. My mother is an encourager and its neat to see how people hear her words and want to know more about her and her faith. So please share your stories of encouraging outreach as they happen.
Great MS, Joey. You mentioned an important word in your mission: steward. God has given us a great responsibility to steward our time, treasure, and talents. We don't talk nearly enough about this. How will you steward the 3T's?
C'mon now! That's awesome. We need prayer warriors. Prayer works and is part of effective outreach. I pray for open eyes and ears to see and hear those in need of the savior. But then I pray for people by name that they will receive and respond to the gospel. Keep praying!
One of the things I've struggled with is balancing the service with the message. Some people say the gospel without service is harsh, but service without the gospel is impotent. Giving that cold cup of water is so important to many to show how much we really care. And we must deliver that cup with gospel intentionality. A challenging balance to master, but one the Spirit can and will guide. For you, what does that cold cup of water look like?
Great words. Great MS. Saved on purpose and for a purpose. Let's do this!
I am God's Master peace in christ Jesus to up lift the people around me each and everyday, and to do my best to help people come into Christianity
I am God's Masterpiece created In Christ Jesus to do all Good things in becoming a more Humble child, servant, stewart, and disciple to lead other's to our Mighty Savior Jesus Christ. In all areas of Life through Him a stronger Prayer warrior, in Loving others as He Loves us, in truly paying it forward in His Most Holly Powerful Name, helping to draw true believers closer to Him. Thank You Jesus Please give me the strength I Pray to meet this mission for You Father. In Jesus name Amen
I am God's masterpiece created In Christ Jesus For a prayer Warrior And to grow spiritually mature and to help others get spiritually mature
I would like to give a “cup of cold water “ to some one in the Name of Jesus.
I am God's masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus for great things in helping myself and others realize that God saved us on purpose for a purpose. And we ought to live our lives to glorify the Father by loving His Son.
Bless u
"Go therefore and make disciples..." The great CO-Mission statement!
I have the mission statement from God when I accept his Son Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.
So good! Thankful you are focusing on the lost and the following of Christ. Some settle for an okay faith when God wants us to grow and follow.
Thank you for sharing! A great MS! One you excel in. Keep it up!
I am God's masterpiece created in Christ Jesus for good things in building relationships to reach the lost for Christ. AND to encourage believers to a deeper relationship in Him.
I am God's masterpiece in progress, created in Jesus Christ for the good of encouraging and bringing joy to everybody I come in contact with!
And you are living this out each day! Thanks for living by it and for Him!
Well thought out. It's nice to see you take the time to consider the various aspects of life you want to impact. God bless!
I think we'd all do well to avoid being pepper and darkness...though some pepper does add some nice spice! Ha. I look forward to your MS as you give it some more thought!
Wow. Fantastic. That's such a powerful and needed focus. So many of us struggle to live a healthy lifestyle! I pray for open minds and lives!
I love this! Your comment even encourages me!
I am God's masterpiece, created in Jesus Christ for good: To offer my skills in various creative endeavors, and to be an encourager.
I am God's masterpiece, created in Jesus Christ for good: 1st to love God & others, because he loves me. 2nd to be a Beacon to shine his light within... 3rd to nurture, care & be a blessing to everyone that crosses my path. (Praise God, thank you Lord)
Pastor Nat.....You are producing really thought provoking sessions with us. I will think about my personal mission statement over a couple of days and give it a try. My Bible group says focus on being, “salt and light” vs. “pepper and darkness!”
I am God's masterpiece created in Christ Jesus for good things in helping others to live healthy lifestyles.
I am God's masterpiece created in Christ Jesus for good things in Being their for others( encouraging them)
Wow. Thanks, Vicki. I am encouraged to hear your passion for the marginalized. Jesus had the reputation of "friend of sinners." I pray we all do the same. God bless!
I love it. I'm an encourager as well. So many people feel down and underappreciated. Sometimes a simple compliment or word of encouragement can change a person's day. It can open a door for the gospel. I pray for open hearts as you reach out.
Clyde, your mission statement is a good one. Thank you for sharing!
Most people never consider this. When I was in full-time coaching, I'd do this for organizations and individuals. It was a joy to see people understand the importance of each life. I'm excited for you. Thank you for sharing!
Good morning Pastor Nat, This is awesome, I never thought of writing a Mission statement for my life. I am God’s masterpiece created in Christ Jesus for good things and to counsel and encourage others in life and through Christ. I alao believe that I am to reach the reached children that does not attend Church although I am yet to begin. Lord help me please.
Amen and amen
Good morning Pastor Nate, I am God’s masterpiece created in Christ Jesus for good things and encouraging others to believe in Jesus Christ.
Thank you for the challenge, Pastor Nat. I am God's masterpiece created in Christ Jesus for good things in writing to share His truth and to encourage others.
Thanks Nat I needed the reminder. I really don’t think of myself as Gods masterpiece but I know it’s true. My statement is to walk along side the marginalized or the lonely or divorced. Listen more talk less. Really. Vicki
Awesome message
Great message