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What Is True Wisdom?


Air Date: 3/11/22 - What is true wisdom?  Jacob Wirka takes you to the book of James to discover the difference between knowledge and wisdom, and the difference between man’s wisdom and the wisdom of God.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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2 months ago
4 months ago
I don't want to be known as intelligent; I want to be know as wise. There are a lot of people who are intelligent people who make stupid decisions.
Lord, help me be wise.
4 months ago
Heavenly Father, I want to be wise, and the wisdom which I seek comes from You. By Your spirit, teach me how to control the knowledge in my head, when to speak, and in meekness, to speak wisely in love. Let the example of Jesus be my model for speaking.
4 months ago
When I speak of Jesus Christ Word it is with His Truth from my heart. As my heart, life and all I have and am is His! Thank You Heavenly Father for Your Goodness and Favor Promise at all times in Jesus name Amen
4 months ago
Thank God for His goodness in all things amen
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