What Is the Church? - Win the Day

What Is the Church?


Air Date: 4/12/21 - In today’s episode, Pastor Nat redefines church, not as a place, but as a family you belong to. Find out what it means to connect with your God-given family!  


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Marilyn - we are so glad you are here!
The church is where other believers meetand get encourage one another on thorough out the week.
It’s great to hear real God driven devotional shorts. Not just some ones opinion.
Hi Bettye!!! I agree with you. I'm very active in my physical church and I love the people and experience, but I also get so much emotionally interacting with my Back the Bible Family here!!!
Right back at you Rose!!! I'm grateful for all of us here and our wonderful teacher Pastor Nat!!!!!
Hi Joey!!!! I hope things are going okay in your world. I'm very grateful to have met you on this site. I love your last sentence as I tend to get lost in worry and anxious thoughts. It's always a good reminder that there freally is nothing to be gained by worrying. Peace be with you my Brother in Christ!! 🙏💕😇
I too Clyde experienced something similar but in retrospect I need to be where I’m at now..with all of you. I’ve had more connection in the Word here in this short time than the years before. I attribute it to growth and places God moves us to so it can happen. Still haven’t found my new local church but I will, Christ will take me there as He has brought me here. Blessings
Thank you Pastor Nat for this good powerful message. Simply explained. We are indeed the church. When we love and lead by example people will follow us. Amen.
Good message. Yes, it is good to know that those who are saved by grace are all of one body regardless of nationality
Father we became one gews gentiles every color of shad of Love of You. Jesus I Thank You that we are "One" within You and The Holly Church of God. I Thank You for my family here on Back to The Bible Thank You God! Father You are so Faithful providing our every need come what may The battle belongs to You. As You lead the way we as we follow in Your Mighty Footsteps remembering we our not our bodies! We are a Spirit that dwells within You. I will Rise each time You lift me/us Lord into Your Amazing Grace knowing We are Your's You are Ours nothing can stand against The Power of our God. Thank You Father in The Most Beautiful Amazing Powerful Name of Jesus Amen Father Please remind us Jesus is here telling his followers that there is nothing to gain in life by being worried or anxious.
Hi Marilyn, life is such a journey, glad you're here to share it with us!
I am thankful for Pastor Nat and all the members at Back to the Bible. Have a Blessed Day.
Hi Kerwin!! Since you said you looked forward to the messages on this app, I thought I'd jump right on and give you a Huge Hello!!!!! Peace and Blessings to you. 😊
Hi Marilyn!! This is such a wonderful site isn't it!! I feel blessed that it exists!! I actually try to come on a few times a day to meet other people who comment later on!! Hope you are having a Blessed Day!! 😇
Hi Yvette!! I agree. I love connecting with people on this site!!!!!!!! I envision us becoming a stronger family as we just keep getting to know each other more!!! God Bless You!! 😇💕
Although I am active in my local church, I love to connect with my “church family” at Back to the Bible. There is always a special bond among Christians.
Thank you Pastor Nat. I found this very encouraging. Even though I haven't been able to go to church for a year. I'm glad that I'm able to communicate with fellow church members through Zoom and I look forward to messages from GoTandem
Thank you Pastor Nat. I am a fairly new born again Christian and also have been house bound for 1 year and 1/2. I would love to be able to connect with a other christians who could help me grow in faith and love. I don't have any one to converse with so I read my Bible, do Bible studies, read scripture and pray. I surrendered to God's will and will take it day by day. Love your Bible teachings. Feeling Blessed.
Thank you Pastor Nat. We praise God for our Christian family. We love the church and this ministry that brings us together. God first loved us and He has helped us to see how much He loves us even though we are not perfect yet. Praising God today for his Grace and Mercy. We have shared Win the Day with others.
Carolyn, I agree. It's so much fun to connect here. I look forward to the familiar faces and also the new friends who come in each day! I am thankful for the family God adopted me into!
Church splits, moving, transitions, etc are incredibly challenging. I am praying for you and your leadership as the church rebuilds!
Shane, thanks for sharing! I am glad you are here!
Amen! I enjoy my morning coffee ☕ with my church family. (All of you). It's such a blessing that we are connected through our Lord Jesus. Praise the Lord Jesus, Glory belongs to Him. ❤️
So happy for you Shane!!! I'm grateful for all of you here!!! 😇🙏💕🙏😇
Hi Shirley!!!! Yes, I too love this group!!! Have a Blessed Day my Sister in Christ!!! 😇💝
Hi Clyde. That does sound like a lousy situation. Just remember God has a plan and he works in his own time frame. I am sorry to lost some of your close friends. I'll pray that things work out for you! God Bless You!!! 🙏
Amen! Great reminder that I have a family outside of my local one and the need for us to support and encourage each other.
Amen. Jesus is coming back for the church. Ill be ready.....
Amen Thank you Jesus
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
Grateful for the Body of Christ (the church) who have prayed for me through this app. Grateful for the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart 6 weeks ago while in a hospital bed to go back to church on Sundays. I found a great local church where I already feel loved and encouraged and am growing in Christ.
Hi Carolyn and Sheila. I agree with you both. My church family has helped me tremendously when i was going through tough times. Joining a small community group helps me stay connected and deepens my understanding of Godxand His word.
I'm still getting over a church exodus we had last April where the Pastor left and took all the members with them. My wife and another couple stayed because I and the other man were deacons and it wasn't right or biblical of how they did it. So, even though we are starting over again, its hard to trust others again. I know God prunes his branches but it still hurts. Especially when the people you thought were your friends leave and don't even make contact after. But God is working in our lives and we will have Victory over this!!
Hi Sheila. I also love my brothers and sisters in Christ. I would be so lost without my Church. (And without sites like this to learn wonderful things together) May you have a Blessed Day!! 💕
I love my church! I've always called them my "church family" even though I would only see them on Sundays. This is my favorite devotional site because Pastor Nat encourages us to talk with each other. I'm very isolated and very lonely.... and with the people here I feel less alone. I am excited to get to know people more. I recognize names and try to respond. I am learning so much about God seeing things in different ways. My challenge is how to apply them to my life. Thank you all for being here. One thing we all have in common is the desire to get to know God better and to be closer to him every day. God bless each and every one of you! 🙏😇💕😇🙏
Yes I love my brothers and sisters in Christ they help me talking to them.